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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

A London Office

Shot with Olympus E510

This would be folk in an ordinary London office, except that it is a group shot of the guys behind The theme behind their site is to provide easy access to information about a wide range of locally based businesses and things - "taking word of mouth online".

If I sound like a sales brochure for them, its because I do think that if you want to find local stuff, is the answer, but especially because they will pay 50p into my charity fund for every review anyone posts. So, if you have a bored afternoon at work, or you know the very best plumber, or where to find the best martini, why not tell London about it? (They are also accepting reviews now from across the UK. Go here to read more about London Daily Photo and WeLoveLocal, or here for the background to my campaing, and to find out other ways you can help. (and look! theve just helped the fund on its way - cheers guys!)

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Anonymous Anonymous said ... (08:18) : 

Dear Ham,
Looks like a great community idea and so glad you are starting to get support here and there for your project.

I was very moved by your message to the city dp community. I plan to add a link on my blog too. Fully with you. Lots of love



Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:48) : 

Have you looked at your blog on a 800 x 600 resolution screen since you redesigned to add the left sidebar? That's what lots of visually impaired people use...


Blogger Ham said ... (11:10) : 

Natalie - thanks

BW - Yes. in fact, I spent a long time trying to square the circle - it really should be OK in 800 x 600, but no smaller. I took the view that event if only 5% of visitors are 800x600 they should not be disenfranchised. However, in view of the real estate pressure, I had to use the 800 wide (400 for pic, 190 each side) so it won't reduce cleanly, sorry. I have discovered that my archive pages are a mess, but that's another story.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12:30) : 

An interesting post. I will have to learn more when I get some spare time.


Blogger Wayne said ... (22:17) : 

Ham, I'm a little short this month, and I don't think they would appreciate a review about a plumber in Dunedin, FL, USA... so I have put your link on my site. Best of luck to you, and all my respect for your efforts!


Blogger Ham said ... (22:51) : 

You know, Wayne, you may be right - it might be stretching the point to call Florida local. And thanks for your support, truly appreciated.


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