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Monday, November 26, 2007

The Old King's Head

Shot with Olympus E510
This little passage near London bridge provides a home for one of the older London Pubs, the Old Kings Head, which has some interesting background. Look up and you will see Henry VIII gazing down from the sign - when it was built in 1530, it was called "The Pope's Head", but when Henry had his little falling out with the Catholic Chrch, the owners thought it politic to rename it to what you see today. The original building was destroyed by fire and this one dates from the end of the 17th Century.

Just a word on the photo. I was here on the regular The Way We See It Mission, and I really like this photo. As much as anything, I feel as if I have captured a "Decisive Moment", Cartier-Bresson style. I've left it in colour, because that's how I saw it. Here is the B&W version. What do you think?

See where on the London Daily Photo Map

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Comments on "The Old King's Head"


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (00:36) : 

In colour it looks as though you were on the way for a latté. In b & w, Jack the Ripper could be behind the sign . . .


Blogger Wayne said ... (04:31) : 

I prefer the color version for this shot. I wish I could tell you why. Neat information with the photo, thanks!


Blogger Michael Salone said ... (05:06) : 

I like the colour because YOU like it and that's important to me as a viewer. On the other hand, if I had to choose which one to use as a poster, book cover, or postcard, it would be the b&w. Totally creepy and anonymous explains best for me the two different viewpoints. Regardless, two photos for the "price" of one, pas mal, pas mal!


Blogger Chaz said ... (08:21) : 

I think I prefer the B&W one as well. There's less distraction from the shape and the movement in that version. Great shot though... (Not a bad pub either, if I recall.)


Blogger Shey said ... (10:03) : 

As they are currently I feel that the colour one lends itself better to the warm lighting and the movement. The B&W one is still a bit too warm. I think that if the B&W version was had more contrast it would be spookier and stir many more emotions.



Blogger Unknown said ... (12:41) : 

You horribly hung over, you two? Gosh the lights in this photo must hurt. Congratulations again on being newlyweds again, shamelessly canoodling i presume?

Lovely 'old London' photo.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (13:15) : 

Nice work again. Congratulations once more on tying the knots.


Blogger Michael Salone said ... (19:41) : 

I love how oldmanlincoln so pointedly called them knotS !


Blogger punkinsmom said ... (21:27) : 

The B&W is much more stark. Especially the way the lighting turned to almost tungsten-like glare. I much prefer the color.

Do you have any "Old Queen's Head"s? I think not. What woman would ever tolerate being called OLD?!?


Blogger Unknown said ... (22:41) : 

Black & white works for me. Like others have said, colour sometimes takes away the message in the picture.


Blogger Ham said ... (00:35) : 

Thanks all for the comments, I can see merit in both versions. It was I was readying the shot that this person rushed up the alley and my mind screamed - "PRESS THE SHUTTER ..... NOW!!!!"


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (20:17) : 

"my mind screamed - "PRESS THE SHUTTER ..... NOW!!!!" and YOU DID! Love both versions.


Blogger Carlos Lorenzo said ... (09:05) : 

Wonderful place and photograph, Ham


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (15:09) : 

I like the mystery here, the fleeting figure. Fits in nicely with my "Don't Look Now' mood at the moment


Blogger zdenka pregelj said ... (00:27) : 

Like the colour one. And the place looks so cool!


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