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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Ordinary Londoners - No 10 in the series

Shot with Olympus E510
Who do you think you are, David Bailey? (Recognise the line?) I conceived the Ordinary Londoners series to create portraits of the people that make London the place it is. This time I think I may have stretched the boundaries of "Ordinary" still further than I did with Daly Thomson. Yes, this is David Bailey, the photographic legend. If you are not familiar with his work here are some links to images 1 2 3 and to more background information 1 2 3.

I met him as part of the launch of the amazing new Olympus E3, more about that over hte next few days.

Oh gosh, I hope he likes this portrait.

The Ordinary Londoners series is here

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Comments on "Ordinary Londoners - No 10 in the series"


Blogger Wayne said ... (05:29) : 

You just never can tell who a person really is by looks alone, eh? It's a neat looking portrait, in my humble, not famous, opinion.


Blogger sunburnt said ... (07:27) : 

must have been daunting to take!

good snap though, nice portrait of him


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (07:59) : 

Is he still using an Olympus Trip?

By name he's probably still one of the most famous photographers...and I bet that is at least partly down to the adverts.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (08:24) : 

That is a very neat portrait.
Nice to meet you and thanks :)


Blogger rich.painter21 said ... (09:41) : 

He looks like a man who's lived life to the full! Good luck to him.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:25) : 

He looks like he has a handle on life.

Nice work that he does and your photo is nice too. Good shot. Interesting post.


Blogger Unknown said ... (12:06) : 

I'm sure he will, Ham. It's an ordinary, just-as-he-is portrait of an extraordinary man (and great in black and white of course). Lucky you to have met him i am full of envy.


Blogger Kate said ... (12:33) : 

It's a strong portrait. B & W is an excellent choice!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (15:14) : 

What did he say? Looks quite whimsical. I'd always identified him with the David Hemmings character in "Blow Up" - women, fancy cars and swinging London, and the last time I saw him was when he was doing the Mju adverts, when he looked like Francis Bacon
It's a pretty good portrait, I don't think he'd complain! I might have cropped it even tighter, with more of the more hair at the bottom and less of the less hair at the top!


Blogger Unknown said ... (23:22) : 

Good snap. Looks like he's aged a bit the last time he was on TV.

How did you manage to wrangle the VIP invite. Is it because you have an Olympus camera, or do you work for them. I use a Canon, so could I get an invite to their next launch?


Blogger Ham said ... (01:21) : 

Thanks all.

Me - glad that comes over
Sunburnt - Daunting? you bet
Nic - he's certainly a household name because of them, I should think. That and the women. Jealous? Moi?
Ghene - thanks - it wsa interesting
Rich, OML, Lynn, Kate, there's a lot of life in the eyes and the photo
Richard - he was happy chatting and signing.
Gails man - yes, the Olympus connection


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