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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Pie and Mash in London

Shot with Olympus E510
Pie and mash is a London thing - quinessential London. The few shops left, mostly in the East End do good trade, for the simple reason that they sell good food at a reasonable price. You don't have to eat the jellied eels, the pie's the thing. Hand baked on the premises, they are as far from factory chain food as it is possible to get. The green "liquor" (never called gravy) is a parsley sauce and rather nice.

This place is Kelly's in the Roman Road, read their history here. Want one? Isn't the Internet a wonderful thing. Found this link.

'Ere luv, wanna take my photo?

I sure did.

See where on the London Daily Photo Map

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Comments on "Pie and Mash in London"


Blogger Oswegan said ... (00:39) : 

So what's in that there pie?




Anonymous Anonymous said ... (00:51) : 

That's a nice picture and the pie story is good too.

Thanks for the visit to my blog. And yes, the contrasts between the old store and Krogers is like day and night.

I do appreciate your visits.

I spent most of today working on my website at and added sections on Butterflies, Moths and Bumblebees. If you go I think you might be surprised.

Thanks again.

Abraham Lincoln


Blogger Neva said ... (04:36) : 

Eels? I don't think so....thanks just the same ...but I loved the was great to see them seem to enjoy what they were eating.


Blogger Unknown said ... (08:25) : 

he he nice lady... Great main photo too, just random people, or your friends? Yes, what's in the pie? I've never had pie and mash in a cafe in London, that's a bit weird isn't it. I was born there, used to go there every Saturday and worked there for a while too. Never did it. Shameful.


Blogger Ham said ... (09:06) : 

Oswegan, Lynn, meat. Meat and gravy. Stewed to perfection.

Neva, eel is pretty good - think monkfish. If you like fish generally, you'd like eel, although I don't go out of my way to eat it, I do occasionally.


Blogger Ham said ... (11:23) : 

And by a spooky coincidence, more pie & links on Diamond Geezer


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (13:15) : 

Kellys!! (or G. Kellys??) I used to live round the corner from the Roman and walked past that steaming, lovely smelling place almost EVERY day!
Thanks for the reminder of home Ham!


Blogger Unknown said ... (18:52) : 

Yum. I want a pie now! Better start cooking my chicken before i cheat and pop out to the shops.


Blogger Lunar Chick said ... (19:49) : 

Oooooh Pie & Mash!!! Live in Woodford and always buy mine from Manzies (THE BEST) from Walthamstow. When people hear where I'm from, and find out that I could live off of Pie & Mash for the rest of my life, they are gobsmacked. Ooooh, my mouth's watering from thinking of the vinegar being splashed onto the pie!!!!


Blogger Unknown said ... (12:33) : 

There's a new Pie and Mash website at . It has a full listing (with details) of every known P&M shop and you can review and rate your favourites (and unfavourites). There's tons of information about pie and mash and you can share your memories with other like minded pie'n'mashers.



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