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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

The Sovereigns Gate

Shot with Olympus E500
After the 5th of November and the Gunpowder Plot comes the state opening of Parliament - they still search the cellars for gunpowder, just in case. The queen arrives in full pomp and circumstance, enters through the Sovereigns Gate in Victoria Tower and reads the speech the Prime Minister has prepared for her.

I happen to believe that the process of making our laws is important and the single thing that will destroy our democracy is not Left wing extremists, or right wing extremists, or even terrorists, but apathy.

Talking of laws, I'm sure you'll find this report entertaining of a survey into the stupidest laws still on the statute books. Also if you want to visit and you aren't in London, you may enjoy the Virtual Tour.

See where on the London Daily Photo Map

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Comments on "The Sovereigns Gate"


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:20) : 

Your laws still on the books are not so bad. We have some that makes it illegal to drive after dark. Think about that.



Blogger Unknown said ... (13:43) : 

Gosh Oldmanlincoln how restricting.

The sky is foreboding isn't it Ham. Ahead of the Queen's speech, perhaps. Glad that it's proposed for children to stay on at school longer, that's about all i managed to hear of it.
Apparently the crown she wears for the occasion is ridiculously heavy. Think she wants a stand-in? Mmmm all those jewels....


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (14:14) : 

Lovely we have a de-saturated sky? Very nice anyway.


Blogger Ham said ... (14:53) : 

oldmanlincoln - Personally I still want to work in a fish shop in Liverpool.

Lynn, Nic, why does =anyone= suppose that the sky wasn't like that? OK, OK. Truth is, it was typical "London light" which mean that in jpg form the sky was burnt out 100%. Developing from RAW, though, I was able to develop two copies. I "pulled" (underexposed) one copy by 5 stops, masked and copied the sky and hey presto. I preferred that to the more subtle option, as it added drama - poor man's HDRI (which is similar but from two photos taken at different exposures.)


Blogger Unknown said ... (20:45) : 

Whoa there cowboy! Lost me a bit on the techie stuff but i got that you photoshopped it. I think. I use the programme too, bumbling around finding this and that effect which is fun but if you asked me to do something, i probably couldn't.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (16:08) : 

the single thing that will destroy our democracy is not Left wing extremists, or right wing extremists, or even terrorists, but apathy.

Precisely. Get out and vote. If you really can't vote for any of the candidates, spoil your ballot. Spoilt ballots are counted, "number of people sat on their wossname in the pub all evening," isn't.

Plus, if you don't vote, you can't moan about what they do in your name.


Blogger imajoebob said ... (20:28) : 

Apathy is a danger, but recent experience in the US (and in Nazi Germany, to be honest) tells us that right-wing extremism is as much or more a threat. Xenophobic fear mongering is one of the easiest and best ways to convert apathetic people into fanatics. It almost worked in France a few years ago.

Apathy could be one of the more democratic behaviours; it's a tacit acceptance of the majority of the motivated. But apathy and right-wing crazies is absolutely deadly.

I really like the clouds, they add a great bit of dimension to the tower. Here's a tip: I was able to get the base into a shot of the gate by lying down with my head to the doorway, then tilting back. Looked stupid, but I got the bottom. But it was a cheap P&S camera and I didn't get the top...


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