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Friday, November 09, 2007

The Spirit of Soho

Shot with Olympus E510
It's competition time again! This mural, in Carnaby Street is called the "Spirit of Soho" and gets Time Out's accolade as the Number Two ranking mural in London. It's quite fantastically detailed, and it's entertaining to try to work out what is going on. So here's today's competition.

All you have to do is find as many things as you can in the mural. A thing, is a thing. For example, Wardour Street shown as a film strip is a thing, Shaftsbury Avenue is a thing, Groucho Marx is a thing.There will be two winners of the much coveted London Daily Photo Winners Postcard and honourable mention - one to the person who gets the most unique "things" and one drawn at random from all the people who join in. Answers in the comment box, I think it will be fun to see just how many "things" there are. Competition will run till Monday when this blog will be changing shape and changing direction.....

You'll need a full size version of the image to get the most detail, you can download that here. good luck

See where on the London Daily Photo Map

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Comments on "The Spirit of Soho"


Blogger Chaz said ... (09:17) : 

The bottom is almost reminiscent of Sgt. Peppers... Did I just see Karl Marx and George Melly?


Blogger Ham said ... (09:34) : 

Yep. That's two things - straight to the top of the leader board.

Truth be told I was sitting there going "Oh look - there's x... I wonder if I can find x" when the idea for the competition came upon me.

(I will aggregate scores for more than one comment, but it's first come first served on each "thing")


Blogger Unknown said ... (10:27) : 

How exciting. You know how i love competitions! It's quite difficult to pick things out though; i think i can see -
Samuel Pepys
Shaftesbury Ave
Drama masks signifying theatreland in London
The London Palladium (ah them memories)

and that's about it! I may return...
oh there's also what looks like the Royal Pavillion at Brighton but isn't it all about London connections?!


Blogger Unknown said ... (10:28) : 

THEM memories?? lol that's supposed to be THE memories sorry!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12:43) : 

Oooh fun!
Now...I can see...
Oxford street
China Town
A red telephone box
The Tudor facade near Chancery lane (or is it Holborn?) that used to have cards galore but now has Pauls bakery (not sure that one will count!!)


Blogger Simon L said ... (13:33) : 

I can see Berwick St (Fruit and veg market).


Blogger Mary deB said ... (13:48) : 

I see Isaac Newton, Karl Marx, a rabbit and a dog and a fiddle, some flags and fruit and veg... a red telephone box, a gaslight, bananas!


Blogger Betty said ... (15:36) : 

The Apollo, maracas, a rifle, Casablanca?


Blogger punkinsmom said ... (16:37) : 

"Competition will run till Monday when this blog will be changing shape and changing direction....."

I've just discovered you here and NOW you're changing. What's a gal to do?! Please don't change too much!


Blogger Ham said ... (17:12) : 

Yes, folks that's the way to do it. By my count, Lynn & LouLou are neck and neck, long way to go yet.

And punkinsmom, fear not, I've put quite some effort into keeping things looking the same, and there will still be a picture & words each day. But things will change. All will be revealed.


Blogger Betty said ... (17:56) : 



Blogger Unknown said ... (18:13) : 

Oooooh i LIKE being neck and neck so far ! More competitions please Ham i adore them (such a child).


Blogger punkinsmom said ... (18:49) : 

SOHO Parish school
Handel? I think it's Handel...
Is the red-coated fellow the Regent? He has the right nose for it.
Cancan dancers
Follies dancer with very odd headgear
Chinese lanterns and diners at Lee Fun's
Pizza on Oxford Street
Tea with the Rugby team?
Jazz saxophone in a Bar
SOHO Street Theater
An artist sketching a bunny

Eh. I tried. I'm not from around here, you know....


Blogger punkinsmom said ... (19:12) : 

There's a man with a string bass in front of a baby grand
A large rifle with a Cinderella-esque white-clad ball dancer
A nadatorium with a pair of hands
A sun and a mouse and a uniform
I don't even know what HALF of this stuff represents!
And does this woman whose dress is a coat of many wonders have a dragon in her hair?


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (21:12) : 

Clearly I have way too much time on my hands as I've counted about 62 things and that's before all of the people. Wow there's a lot going on there!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (08:33) : 

What's with the fottballers holding up the teacup (or are they two separate elements?)...once I'd found that I couldn't concetrate on anything else.

Fascinating though, I've been examing my copy closely too.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:27) : 

Can we add more? If we can I have a couple:
the Globe (tiny writing near drama masks)
Carnaby Street itself on the right hand side.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:27) : 

OK...a couple or three...


Blogger Ham said ... (11:12) : 

'fraid to say that all the "things" must be in or connected to Soho.

I have the footbalers and cup as the sports coffee shop - Bar Italia in Frith Street.


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