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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Those Daffodils

Shot with Olympus E510
I wandered lonely as a cloud
Of pollution that gives you ills
When all at once I saw a crowd
A host of golden daffodils
Beside the road and in the grass
Where at lunchtime you cool your arse

Continuous as the traffic roar
Twinkling like indicators bright
They stretched ahead more and more-
Like endless repeats night after night:

Ten thousand saw I at a view,
Like jolly wardens with jackets new

The cars beside were still; but they
Were stiller still, being plants:
A poet could not but be gay,
Like George Michael with music trance.
I gazed--and gazed--but little thought
I’d get arrested and end up in court.

Oft now when in the cell I grace
In vacant or in pensive mood
I consider flashing in a public place
Is truly the essence of something rude
And I damn the cause of my ills
Those silly, silly daffodils.

With apologies to William Wordsworth currently to be heard spinning in his plot in Grasmere, Cumbria at 10,000 RPM.

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Comments on "Those Daffodils"


Blogger Chuck Pefley said ... (23:34) : 

Looks like spring is coming to your town, too. Wordsworth had it right, for sure!


Blogger JLN said ... (21:12) : 

Thanks for the flowers and poetry. I posted daffodils from Hackney yesterday, too, just to have some silly, silly sunshine on a grey day. No flashing for me, though...except a smile.


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