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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Moove over darling

Don't get moody on me just because this isn't my photo, I herd about this event from Friends of the Earth, but I couldn't hoof it down to the tube to see it. This udderly amazing idea is the start of a fun moovement to draw attention to the deforestation impact of factory farming. Cowmooters today encowntered these bovine travellers on their whey into work. I love the way they are being ignored by the London tube travellers. A cow in the carriage? OK. I wonder if you can tell whether it is going to rain from a cow standing up in the tube?

The issue, according to FoE is:
Factory farming demands massive amounts of soy - a key ingredient in animal feed. Most of this comes from huge soy plantations in Latin America.

Vast areas of land have to be cleared to grow the soy, causing deforestation, greenhouse gas emissions,the loss of valuable wildlife habitat.
The story is here. Personally, I always like to know that what I buy is responsibly sourced, I wouldn't want the future of the planet on my cownscience.

Picked up in Going Underground, too. And this may not be the most musical version, but it is the most amusing.

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Blogger Sticky Penguin said ... (00:26) : 

Could take cow-tipping to a whole other level...


Blogger Unknown said ... (09:14) : 

They say that the tube gets hotter than the EU regulations for transporting cattle. I wonder if these cowmooters were more likely to pass out?


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