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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

How was your journey home from work?

My journey home from work is normally a bit of a cross-town slog on the bike, with lots of people and traffic. But today, I discovered the Grand Union Canal, which took me very pleasantly indeed from Acton to Camden Lock, which you can see here. The 7-ish miles took just less than 25 minutes, and that included slowing down for people time. It was brilliant.

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Comments on "How was your journey home from work?"


Blogger Unknown said ... (02:08) : 

Curious...How do you commute to/from work in poor weather?


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (05:51) : 

If you have good traffic and unpolluted air in your city, then you can ride your bike to work safely and quite pleasantly.


Blogger Ham said ... (07:24) : 

In bad weather? That'll be on my bike. I'm fortunate in that the places I work all have showers, and I have stashes of clothes. Doesn't matter really, whatever the weather it is easier and faster on a bike. You can't get wetter than wet.

And mostlyjakarta, even if you have dreadful traffic and polluted streets, there's still a lot to be said for being on a bike, as opposed to being confined in a train or car.


Blogger Nic said ... (08:53) : 

Ah, I remember that bridge over Camden Lock...back to my Uni days and living (and cycling) in Camden.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (14:03) : 

Thanks for the positive input mate, its early days but im enjoying it! If you could link to my blog that would be great! Im going to try to link to yours, as your blog was my inspiration to start blogging!


Blogger cara said ... (01:26) : 

I can't believe it. 25 minutes?

All those hours of my life I can't get back...


Blogger Martin Singleton said ... (09:16) : 

Nice bike, looks like a disc brake on front, prefer to ride a bike with mudguards in wet, especially when the farmers have been muck-spreading around here!


Blogger Ham said ... (09:59) : 

Martin, it's the On-One Pometamine Versa, my treat to myself (courtesy of the bike scheme) for my cross town commute. Steel frame, drop bars, disc brakes, Alfine 8 geared hub and I do have removable mudguards for it, too. Fast, comfortable, makes me smile. Only real fault I have found so far is a lot of toe overlap, but I can live with that.


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