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Thursday, May 19, 2011

I'm Not Angry

Not his most well known song, but "I'm Not Angry" immortalised Elvis Costello's time working at Elizabeth Arden in song: "Spent all my time in a vanity factory, wonderin' when they're gonna come and take it all back". This is possibly the most noteworthy part of North Acton - I'd be interested if others have more suggestions. If you want to hear the song, youtube video is here.

As it says in the words, Elvis has left the building.

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Comments on "I'm Not Angry"


Blogger Dee Ambrose said ... (05:38) : 

I want to follow you, but I can't! :(


Blogger Chrissy Brand said ... (08:42) : 

Wow, didn't realise Elvis Costello was still going- though heard him in an acting role on the Garrison Keillor Praire Home Companion last year and he was good.

Great blog



Blogger Mo said ... (09:48) : 

Is this installation new or has it been there for some time?


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:52) : 

Costello brings back old memories, and at the time high school was so much fun.


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