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Friday, May 06, 2011

London Rush Hour

This is one of the main reasons I prefer cycling to work, why would you put yourself through this day after day if there is an alternative. Stuck inside this metal tube chugging its way in tunnels hidden deep underground, or spinning along the streets in touch with... just about everything if you're not careful. Simple choice.

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Blogger Molly said ... (00:12) : 

i wholeheartedly agree. i take the bus, myself, but i dread the day when i may have to become a tube commuter with the rest of them. let's just hope that day never comes.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (04:10) : 

I loved my daily ride on the tube (and train). I burned through at least 3 books every 2 weeks. If the weather was nice I'd walk to the Tube station, lousy and I'd hop on the bus outside my door. And I wouldn't (normally) have to take 3 showers a day.

BTW, best books I read were Krakatoa: The Day the World Exploded (non-fiction) and Life of Pi (fiction).

nice to see OpenID is working again.


Blogger Seventy Plus said ... (04:56) : 

Memories..used to ride buses and tubes for free...employee of London Transport, in the " swinging sixties"


Blogger Nic said ... (08:49) : 

Excellent shot....oh how I don't miss this (though it was a very, very long time ago).


Blogger cara said ... (06:31) : 

Ahhh that takes me back.... I do a very good impression of the central line voice lady.

"the next stop is Holland Park. This train terminates at Ealing Broadway"



Blogger Alan said ... (04:24) : 

It's amazing how quickly you think of it as the norm, though. Back to London for me in July and will definitely be pedalling to work, whenever possible.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (05:48) : 

I don't like taking the train when it's packed like that. To make it worse, in my city, the people are disorderly, making it more unpleasant when it's packed like that.


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