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Monday, December 19, 2011

Looking For London

I do like tourists visiting London and I have NEVER been guilty of misdirecting them; doesn't this picture tell a story?

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Blogger Kira said ... (00:31) : 

feels like me last week:D


Blogger Mozette said ... (01:08) : 

I visited London in 1997, however, I never really got lost around the city. I had a map of the place, a highlighter and a pen... and when I came to a street corner, I leaned against a building and looked around with my map in front of me so I could figure out where I was... so I didn't appear lost, I just looked like I was looking around. :)


Blogger Steve A said ... (02:21) : 

Lesson - don't use a colorful map when Ham is around with a camera in hand!


Blogger Leif Hagen said ... (03:05) : 

Really?! Never misdirected a tourist.....


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (03:49) : 

I once offered to show a tourist around London...10 years later we have been married 8 and have 2 kids! Giving good directions has worked out very well!


Anonymous imajoebob said ... (05:51) : 

That's a great map you get from better mid-range hotels. It's got a good layout of the streets of central London with a lot of navigation points - landmarks, museums, stores that sponsor the map, etc. It also has a Tube map and index of better known roads and places. The Tourists' A to Z. I had one that was eventually cello-taped over all the creases by the time I moved back to The States.

One of my favourite days, shortly after moving to London, was when I was approached by a couple of tourists asking for directions. I'd only been in town for about two weeks, but it let me know I already looked more like a local than a tourist, even with my gigantic white leather high tops! (At least to tourists.)


Blogger cara said ... (07:59) : 

Looks a bit chilly there!

I love how Londoners pride themselves on giving directions around their city.


Blogger alterElle. said ... (09:57) : 

I have a map like that! This photo reminds me my trip to London! I want to go back to London so bad!


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