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Friday, November 16, 2012

A Smoker's Life....

....can be lonely and cold. I'm rather pleased that I have to dredge back in my memory to remember the times when there were smoking coaches on the underground (the penultimate at each end) and the top of buses. Trendy Curtain Road is the location here.

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Anonymous imajoebob said ... (02:43) : 

They can't even be "greeters" anymore. Mpst places in The States don't even allow them to stand outside the door for their precious puffs. Some even insist they leave the property, much like this woman appears compelled to do.

But it looks like a nice day to be "kicked to the kerb."


Blogger Steve A said ... (06:46) : 

For some reason, I find that photo vaguely disturbing. A story of our time?


Anonymous CornishCockney said ... (14:44) : 

I remember the top deck smoking because as a child I hated it, but the urge to sit at the top front was too great!! Now I get to induge that please smoke-free!

Some places provide a little seating area for smokers, but I never see anyone using the ones I know about, because they mostly stand near the doors! Presumably it is too far a walk to bother with!


Blogger Petrea Burchard said ... (00:32) : 

I smoked for years and quitting was one of the hardest things I've ever done, but I'm glad I did it. When I visited London in '99 it seemed like everyone smoked but me. I never thought I'd see anyone put outside there for smoking.


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