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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Seven Years

It's been seven years, or 2,555 days - each day with its own photograph rain or shine. It's not important, but it mine, and you are all welcome visitors.

It's an awful lot of photos, though.

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Anonymous Bernard Robertson-Dunn said ... (07:39) : 

Thanks Ham.

I've seen most of your photos and I've enjoyed seeing every one. London used to be my home town and I like to see how it is changing.

Bernard, Sydney, Australia


Anonymous Alan, Melbourne. said ... (07:45) : 

Seven years is a great effort. Even though I've only been following them for a year or so I love your work. Having lived there for a few years, it's great to keep up with some of the changes and see a lot of the things I'd never noticed. Thanks for all your hard work.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:46) : 

A very good job!!!!!!

Annamaria. Italy


Blogger Steve A said ... (11:21) : 

Amazing how quickly time passes...


Blogger Erin said ... (11:41) : 

I love London, and I've been visiting your sight every day since 2005. Enjoy your photos very much!


Blogger Marie said ... (12:19) : 

I used to live in London and I have been visiting Londondailyphoto every day for the past 5 years. I really enjoy this daily "appointment". Thanks so much for the great effort, for stopping in your everyday life to take a picture of the beautiful city you live in and taking the time to post it with a comment. Keep cycling along and long live your blog!


Anonymous CornishCockney said ... (13:03) : 

Your Blog is like a year-round Advent calendar! Each day a different picture! :)
Here's to the next 7 years!


Anonymous Dylann Andre said ... (13:32) : 

Awful but had a great sence.... we got to laugh even for a moment and we can got some learnings from this pictures.


Blogger Christina said ... (13:43) : 

Thank you so much for your work - it's a bright spot in my day no matter what else is happening - a little glimpse of my favorite place on earth with an interesting commentator. Much appreciated!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (14:17) : 

Every morning a new photo, every morning I feel like I'm living a little bit of London, every morning a deep breath of oxygen for me.
Thank you Ham.
Daniela - Italy


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (14:30) : 

Love your blog! Moving to London when I can and needed
an inspirational home page for my browser. Yours is perfect.

Every day something new and interesting and your archives
are a treasure. Thank you and please keep up the photos.

- from Washington State, USA


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (15:12) : 

Thank you for sharing amazing London with us! Such a wonderfully complex and diverse city, I don't think you'll ever run out of subject matter. Your efforts and constancy are much appreciated!

Sue, Pennsylvania, USA


Blogger Nic said ... (16:57) : 

Happy blogday, an amazing achievement, all the best.


Blogger Karl said ... (18:18) : 

Congratulations, great and beautiful work! How time passes...


Blogger Ham said ... (22:33) : 

Thanks all, it is particularly nice to know you are all out there.

I think that the only time a photo hasn't appeared has been when the technology failed, I'll try to keep it up.


Blogger Unknown said ... (10:11) : 

Great Job! 7 years to Run a blog takes commitment. And I enjoy the views of the smog.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (16:50) : 

I just want to say you thank you very much for your blog. I start reading your blog on 2006. You approach London to those who we are abroad. I'm from Barcelona but my heart are in London. I love London and I would like to live there. I travel to London every time I have money and holidays and while this happens I pass the time reading your blog. Sorry about my english.


Blogger cannopa said ... (22:58) : 

Thanks Ham for keeping up the good work, it's a wonderful effort. Hope we get together for a festive drink soon.


Anonymous Kat said ... (10:18) : 

Wonderful Ham! I look forward to your posts every morning so please keep it going for the next 7 years.

Kat. :)


Blogger Helen said ... (12:00) : 

Thank you for those photographs, Ham. I don't know whether I like the places that are familiar to me seen in a different light from a different person's perspective more than the unfamiliar ones that give me ideas of where to go and what to see. Or maybe vice versa. But thanks, anyway.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (18:36) : 

I wanted to say thank you for posting these pictures of London. I am from Canada but spent some time in London last fall and dream of being able to live there. Visitng your blog gives me a little taste of London each day :)


Blogger cara said ... (02:56) : 

Thanks, Ham. It's an inspiring blog. Congratulations on doing the hard work every day, day after day. And it's not just the photos but the words too. What an achievement!
I hope you are dead proud.


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