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Monday, July 15, 2013

Admitting Defeat

After all these years, regrettably I'm going to have to admit that I don't have the time to maintain this blog as it needs to be, so I will call a temporary haitus. I hope to be back in September, we will have to see.

But for the moment, thanks to all those who have visited over the years.

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Anonymous BJD said ... (19:20) : 

Oh noes! I certainly hope this will be only a break. This site has prompted me to visit and enjoy so many places I wouldn't otherwise have visited.
If it isn't just a break, let me thank you sincerely for all your years of hard work. Whilst largely remaining silent, it has been very much appreciated.
Rest well, come back soon.


Blogger FotoMarg said ... (20:11) : 

Thank you very much for all your posts. I have enjoyed them so much every day. Whether you decide to come back, or not, they have been much appreciated.


Blogger RedPat said ... (20:29) : 

I too enjoy your posts every day! Huury back.


Anonymous Greg said ... (21:14) : 

Thanks Ham for your photos all these years. I do love seeing your pictures, and while I hope you do come back, I understand completely if it is time to hang up the camera.

All the best no matter what decision you make moving forward.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (21:42) : 

I hope you come back soon. So much inspiration and ideas for trips I have not seen anywhere else. Thank you and please return soon. Gaby


Anonymous imajoebob said ... (23:45) : 

Maybe you can get Google to give you Glasses to wear on your rides?

Relax. Recharge. Refresh. Maybe you'll be raring to go in September. Maybe It'll be called London Photo. We'll take whatever you want to give.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (00:20) : 

Thanks so much for your many, many, many posts. They're truly appreciated. If you decide the time won't work to restart, best regards for the long-term. Either way, find refreshment and enjoy the many moments of your daily life.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (01:46) : 

Your photos and commentary have been such a wonderful treat! Good luck to you. Hope to see you back, but if not, thank you for giving me a daily glimpse of my favorite city.


Blogger Mary deB said ... (02:19) : 

I have enjoyed your pictures for many years! I would love to see you back, but do whatever works for you. All the best...


Anonymous Bernard Robertson-Dunn said ... (02:20) : 


Thank you for all your wonderful photos.

If you are still with that big old company, I'm not surprised you have less time to indulge in other things.

... but I may have got that all wrong, in which case - sorry.



Blogger Daniel Kirkdorffer said ... (04:58) : 

Hope you do come back. Love the blog photos.


Blogger Unknown said ... (08:40) : 

I can only echo what everyone else has said. I love your approach to everything you see.


Anonymous The Greenwich Phantom said ... (09:07) : 

Hey Ham - thank you so much for all the photos over the years. I know from experience that taking a break from constant blogging can be enough to kickstart, and so I will keep this as my homepage, waiting for the glorious day when you begin again.

But for now - thank you - you are appreciated.



Blogger Helen said ... (11:44) : 

Sorry to hear this, Ham. Thanks for all that you have done. This has been one of my daily "must visit" sites and I shall miss it. Like everyone else I hope that you will decide to come back after a break with renewed energy.


Blogger Erin said ... (11:45) : 

Always enjoy London Daily Photo. Whether you decide to come back or not, thanks for the pics.


Anonymous CornishCockney said ... (11:51) : 

Aaah, I thought perhaps you were on holiday and your automatic posting thingy hadn't worked. Sorry to hear your feeling swamped, and hope to see you back when things quieten down again.


Blogger Amy said ... (14:12) : 

Oh no! I only just found this blog and it's really brightened up my mornings! I no longer live in England and your photos have been a lifeline.

Thank you so much for all of the pictures...I hope this is only a temporary hiatus, but if it ends up being permanent please know how much happiness you brought me, even in such a short amount of time.


Anonymous mj said ... (14:35) : 

Your blog has allowed me to "visit" London and has given me a great deal of enjoyment. Thank you, and all the best to you.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (15:33) : 

Thnaks form me too. I've loved your pictures. I do hope you can come back to this great project.


Blogger Olubunmi Dada said ... (19:41) : 

Thank you .........


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (20:36) : 

We will miss you. You are on my daily "must visit" list. Do come back when you are refreshed and have the time.

For those with withdrawal symptoms, may I suggest (not daily photos, but just as invaluable)


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (20:37) : 

I thought you were on holiday too! I am another who has so enjoyed your daily posts and finding out about the "nooks and crannies" of London. Thank you so much for all the photos - hope to see you back later in the year!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (01:13) : 

You have also been on my "go to daily" internet list. Thanks for all that you have done for all of us. Have only had the opportunity to visit London once, but you have kept the city alive for me through your photos & I appreciate it. If you decide not to resume, good luck and enjoy something new.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (09:05) : 

Take a rest, but please, come back!. I'm from Barcelona and your blog is my daily approach to London. Thank you for your wonderful photos during these years. good luck!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (13:51) : 

you're in my favourites web site!!!


Anonymous Scriptor Senex said ... (13:52) : 

Hey Ham,
sorry to see that you're pulling back a bit. I've been enjoying your assorted diversions for some time now and my computer "ain't gonna feel the same without you!" Hope the hitch is only temporary.
All the best,


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (15:14) : 

Thanks for your photos, and come back soon.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (16:01) : 

I've visited London via your blog every morning for years and have always been delighted, educated, charmed, tempted, and appreciative. Many, many thanks. AliceIsabel


Anonymous ann said ... (16:48) : 

I too wish to express my appreciation for your interesting Blog, I have learnt so much about London, many thanks, best wishes whatever you decide to do.


Blogger hellibird said ... (19:56) : 

Have a good break! Living with a blogger who certainly does not blog every day, I sympathise!


Blogger Mo said ... (22:53) : 

I do understand where you are coming from. However we will welcome you back with open arms if you decide to continue.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (00:40) : 

loved all the posts. will miss you ,go forth and be happy


Blogger Unknown said ... (07:08) : 

I'll miss my daily fix of London (a previous resident) do a fantastic job of showcasing the city.


Blogger Winifred said ... (14:28) : 

Many thanks for your photos. Hope you do return in September, look forward to it.


Blogger Gilly said ... (23:08) : 

Will miss your posts more than you could credit
Hope its a TEMPORARY break and that all is ok


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (15:31) : 

You will be missed. Please come back.


Anonymous flower delivery said ... (11:23) : 

likewise...are we still able to comment and hopefully encourage you to come back?


Blogger ADDY said ... (22:49) : 

Hope to see you soon. I know only too well the feeling that I am running out of things to blog about or the time to write it in.


Blogger Gerald (SK14) said ... (08:50) : 

Hope to see you posting from time to time when yu feel able to - keeping it up every day is time consuming - all the best whatever you do.


Blogger Rae Walter said ... (12:22) : 

Enjoy your break and hope to see you coming back in the not too distant future!


Anonymous AnKa said ... (11:01) : 

Thanks from me too. I hope your break is a good one and only a break. I very much appreaciated your daily photographic view of London. If you come back, I'm happy to see London with your eyes again. If you don't, all the best for whatever comes next for you.


Blogger Mozette said ... (14:07) : 

Oh! I just saw this on my blog roll! You've been such a wonderful photographic tour of London and a great reminder of the most beautiful city I've ever visited in my life.

Please do come back soon and keep up updated - even if it's only once or twice a week with a few photos - it'll be lovely to see where you go and what you've been up to. Or you can change it from a daily tour to a weekly tour. :D


Anonymous Blue Witch said ... (12:05) : 

Ah - you too, eh? Thought I hadn't seen you around of late.

Hope everything is otherwise good. All the best to you and Mrs Ham. And hope to see you back one day.


Blogger Steve A said ... (18:57) : 

You WILL be missed!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:36) : 

Much appreciated diversion from the daily grind. Thank you. - Wheeled IBMer


Blogger Amy said ... (14:21) : 

It's September! Please come back ;{


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