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Sunday, December 11, 2005

Cants of Colchester - Warning!

I read about Cants roses or Cants of Colchester here, whose opinion as a gardner I trust, so bear that in mind if you are thinking of buying plants there.

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Comments on "Cants of Colchester - Warning!"


Anonymous Blue Witch said ... (12:09) : 

Oh, the Power of Blog :)

Thanks Ham.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (18:30) : 

shame that you don't listen to both sides of the story....there is always two sides to a story, are you going to let Cants of Colchester comment??? Or just take the comments from the Blue Witch as red....shame you are so narrow minded!!


Blogger Ham said ... (18:31) : 

Cants of Colchester have the right of reply - I do not censor anything. I am just bringing an incident to your attention from someone I know and trust. Mr/Ms Anonymous.


Blogger Ham said ... (18:37) : 

Oh yeah. And the Witch is Blue, not Red ;-)


Anonymous Blue Witch said ... (22:02) : 


Aren't anonymous commentators with a poor grasp of English tiresome?

I wonder what 'anonymous' knows about this? Or who s/he is? Maybe connected to Cants? Otherwise, I can see no sense to them sticking their nose in.

If it is someone connected, his/her level of English (on my blog as well as yours) is about as good as the longevity of their roses...

*does spell*

If they had any sense they'd realise that the more they push us, the more publicity they'll get from blogland, and the higher all our blogs will come in future Google searches.

Hopefully they won't treat the next person with a genuine problem with a rose that has died very soon after purchase in the same rude and insulting way? I hope they have learnt their lesson. What would it have cost them to replace my rose? Very, very little.


Anonymous Blue Witch said ... (13:05) : 

Gosh, it must be rose planting time. I appear to have had about 30 hits from Google to my entry this week, and several more forwards from you - so, probably 30 lost customers then :)

I'm looking forward to the day I drive past their 'nursery' and see new houses on the site. I don't usually like to see building on former agricultural sites, but, in this case, I can make an exception. There is *no* excuse for poor quality roses, and even less for rudeness from business owners when one has taken the trouble to return dead plants.


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