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Monday, December 12, 2005

The finger in the dyke...

Todays shot is of the one thing that keps London going, the Thames Barrier.

The Thames is a tidal river, and the effect of the tide is magnified as the river progressively narrows going inland, by the time the river gets to London there can be up to about 30' of difference between highest and lowest tides. Walking along one of the Thames pathways with the river level at pavement height is a disconcerting experience.

In order to prevent London flooding, the Thames Barrier was built. When it was conceived in 1966 it was expected to be raised once every six years. It was opened in 1984, and now it operates six times a year. Climate change is real, and it is here.

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Comments on "The finger in the dyke..."


Blogger Eric said ... (20:56) : 

Very cool. Isn't much better with large pictures? This one looks like the Halong Bay in Vietnam... Well providing you do not pay too much attention to the cranes in the background of course ;))


Blogger Ham said ... (00:25) : 

Thanks, and yes, bigger is better. I think the light was like that because of the fire in the Fuel Depot, although that is miles away.


Blogger Michael said ... (22:53) : 

Very nice picture. I lived in London for a little bit and never saw this so it is a nice discovery. Thanks.


Blogger Ham said ... (23:58) : 

Thanks, Michael. The light on Sunday was really strange. I confess to developing it (from RAW) but I was only emphasising the way I saw it. It was as if I was in Norfolk, with that magnificent flat light coming off the fens. Or as if it was a Turner painting come to life. Pretentious? Moi?


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