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Thursday, January 12, 2006

The Icing on the Cake

Hemmed in by buildings on all sides, this gem of a church is so easily overlooked.

St Brides in Fleet Sreet is where the first modern printing press came to in 1500. Milton lived here, Dicken up the road, and Pepys was baptised here. It is the the tallest spire built by Wren (he did St Paul's) and - what does that spire remind you of? Yes, that's right, this spire was the inspiration to a local baker to make the first tiered wedding cake, the rest is history.

Looking it up on the Internet, I have just found this reference, and I've learned something - I think it is fantastic that the person who set up the first press was called "Wynkyn de Worde".

I've put another couple of views on My Other Stuff. If you are in the area lunchtimes, do see if they have a concert - they often do, and can be really special.

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Comments on "The Icing on the Cake"


Blogger Michael said ... (05:47) : 

Ham, Ham,, does this mean that Benjamin Franklin didn't invent the printing press after all? I really don't remember. And as for your "geographically challenged Americans" comment on Port Vila Today...I've responded. ;-) You do know I still respect you!


Blogger Ham said ... (08:22) : 

I think he probably did, just after he invented gravity and the advertising hoarding.

Hang on one second... the needle on my irony detector is twitching.... this could be a worrying development. Have you considered that you may not be an American? Perhaps your mother was frightened by a Hitchcock movie? Mmmm I feel a link coming on.


Blogger Voix said ... (04:48) : 

Alright, now -- Gutenberg invented the printing press, we all know that.

I have a photo of this church from 1995 when I took my first (but hopefully not last) trip to London. Love it.

Nice to meet you, Ham. I just added your blog to my photo blog links.

Hugs and kisses from Minneapolis.


Blogger Ham said ... (16:21) : 

Thanks, Michele, nice to see you!


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