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Friday, January 27, 2006

London trivia - The Woolwich Free Ferry

I'd be surprised if very many non-Londoners could answer the question, "How can you cross the Thames if you don't use a bridge or a tunnel?" Even Londoners are not that likely to have travelled across on the Woolwich Free Ferry, but if you get the chance, it's a welcome change. It was first opened in 1889, and runs morning till night every day except Christmas and new year, except if its foggy and the captain can't see the far side. It used to be the most eastern crossing and very busy, you can still expect to see lorries queueing to cross, but cars don't normally have to wait that long (except in rush hour).

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Blogger diamond geezer said ... (17:31) : 

It's strange crossing as a foot passenger - down below decks in a maze of old waiting rooms, each fitted out with wooden slatted benches - but it's a great way to travel.


Blogger Ham said ... (22:45) : 

Ah yes - I was excluding London Bloggers from those who won't have travelled on it. Mind you, I have crossed many times on bike and in a car, but never on foot, so I've learned something now. (But then, you do every time you drop in on a diamond geezer.


Anonymous Blue Witch said ... (19:38) : 

Ah goody, you've changed the comments to allow non-Blogger commentators, yippee!

I know about the Woolwich Ferry, but I've never been on it.

How much does the Free Ferry cost nowadays?


Blogger Ham said ... (21:40) : 

BW - LOL .... It wouldn't surprise me if they started to charge, though. After all, free for 120 years is quite enough.


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