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Sunday, January 08, 2006

The Milkman does his rounds

There can't be much more British & London that the sight of a milkman doing his rounds. I'd say they were fast disappearing, but their electric carts can't go faster than about 10 mph. Is there anywhere else in the west where milk is delivered daily, come rain, come shine?

By the way... if you are reading this, you are in good just over a month, over 1,000 of you have dropped by and over 40% of you come back for more! My thanks to you all, I'm pleased you seem to like what you see. I hope to continue improving the blog, let me know what you think and what you like so I can do that.

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Comments on "The Milkman does his rounds"


Blogger Arnaud said ... (08:14) : 

It is a pleasure to discovering each day a new photo on your blog Ham. Continue like that.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:40) : 

Here in Spain it is the bread man who delivers freshly baked bread very early, every morning, come rain or shine. A very highly appreciated service.

And, it's the bread man who gets the brunt of those same jokes about any "odd" children who (supposedly) don't look like their father! :)


Blogger Ham said ... (18:38) : 

>Arnaud, thanks!

>Pamela, now here's a question - can you imagine Mother's Pride being sold in any other European country but England? (for those that don't know, "Mother's Pride" is a brand name for something that is labelled as bread. The only thing for sure is that your mother would not be proud of it)


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (02:23) : 

Hi Ham,

Oh yes, I can imagine Mothers Pride bread being sold in another European country.

Here, in Tenerife for starters, but probably also in British "colonized" areas of the Costa del Crime on the mainland. We have English supermarkets, like Iceland, selling all manner of familiar British brands to an unadventurous clientelle for several times the price it would have been in the UK. :)

No, naturally, I stay clear. Locals wouldn't buy it for sure, however, Spanish sliced bread also exists and, sadly, this can be even worse that the thing mother would not be proud of.

By the way, thanks for the link to my blog. Forgot to say that the other day. I accept my pennance for tardiness.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (18:29) : 

How cool! A milkman! I thought they were a myth... I would never see anything like this in Los Angeles. And a baker who delivers fresh bread? I need to live somewhere else for a bit it would seem.


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