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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Speakers - or Standers - Corner

Today we are in Hyde Park at Speakers Corner where the unfettered right to free speech was won back in 1867. This chap, though, didn't have anything to say, but did a great line in standing. I really don't understand his message, though.

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Blogger Joe said ... (00:59) : 

Hi ! great image
A news for you, Ham
The Rome Daily Photo blog site is born
Please link me in your blog , I'll do the same
Ciao and thank U


Blogger Denton said ... (02:19) : 

Based on his height, it appears he is standing on something. Maybe there is a soap box behind his "To follow Jesus" sign?


Blogger Michael Blamey said ... (06:44) : 

What happened in 1867 to formalise this right


Blogger Ham said ... (07:48) : 

Joe, benvenuto a bordo!

Denton, I suspect he is standing on his own sense of self righteousness

Michael, in the years before free speech was pretty much unheard of, especially if it was the lower classes involved doing the speaking. Hyde park had been the scene of several assemblies that had led to battles with the police. It was only in 1867 that peole stopped getting beaten up for speaking out. This link provides some history.


Blogger San Francisco Daily Photo said ... (05:03) : 

Christianity created capitalism... hmmm... I'll have another glass of wine while I think more about that one... ;-)

Cool photo Ham!



Blogger Eric said ... (11:35) : 

Why don't they use blogs now?! ;))

Funny anyway but I have always wondered why these speakers existed only in England (well anyway, not in France nor any other country I visited).


Blogger Ham said ... (13:43) : 

Eric, I've been trying to think up an answer which doesn't translate into "because we're BRITISH" and failing. There is a certain irony though, that - from what I saw - most of the speakers do not appear to be born in this country.

One of the antics I got up to (hurrumph) years ago as a student was to get up there and hold forth on the Charles Schulz's Peanuts, or the Gospel According to Snoopy. It seemed like a fun idea at the time :o)


Blogger Voix said ... (04:04) : 

I saw a guy in Minneapolis on a street corner preaching some "go Jesus you sinners can go to H***" message just last weekend. Since it was my birthday, I was a little distracted -- but I'll try to get a photo to show y'all that this is another British tradition that didn't go awry in the States.

Our corner speaker had a step stool and no signs. Much less professional but equally obtuse.


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