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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Bomber Harris

Before we leave St Clements, I'd like to show you the statue of "Bomber Harris", just outside. He headed up bomber command in WWII. In today's revisionist world he is vilified alomst as if it were he that was responsible for the flattening of Dresden. But for me, that search to sully reputations of people long dead just serves to take our minds away from the people who were truly responsible for all the horrors of the world - people like you and me.

We cannot understand the actions of the past with the feelings of the present. People lived and died with different priorities. We think ours are better, but I hope that our children will condemn us in the same way as we censure those that went before, because our children will be better.

I would much rather that the incendary bombing that was used to obliterate cities had not happened - I would much rather that many things done duuring war had not happened. But they did, and we blame others and forget at our peril.

[[kicks soapboax out the way to make room for some fine stuff tomorrow]]

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Blogger Dean Harvey said ... (00:29) : 

Fine photo and fine sentiment...I just watched a Ross Kemp programme about gangs in Brazil - I never watch this sensationalist stuff usually but I just found it fascinating - 80% of Rio street kids don't make it past 20 yrs old......that's our problem, no-one else's! (wanting to know which soap box is the most effective?)


Blogger San Francisco Daily Photo said ... (02:57) : 

May I request something fun for tomorrow (another cemetary photo for example?). ;-)


Blogger Rob said ... (09:30) : 

Good post ham. Agree completely. I often wonder how this generation will be judged in the future, given world poverty and uneven distribution of wealth and resources.


Blogger Mr Pretzels said ... (11:50) : 

Good post and definite food for thought


Blogger Ham said ... (12:24) : 

Yes, we live in the information age and we have no real excuses, we know what is happening. I mean, we know about global warming and yet we still manufacture the Hummer. Bizarre.

I shouted out, Who killed the kennedys? When after all It was you and me.....I tell you one time, you’re to blame (I do hope nobody has to click the link to remember where that's from)

And Manuel, LOL, I'll see what I can do.


Blogger Brinley Hawkins said ... (12:54) : 

During the war, when the only way to hit back at Germany was by bombing the cities, as they had done to London, and Nottingham, and plymouth, there was no such concionse, and everyone aggreed with what the RAF did. They were brave mem and they had the total backing of the entire country.

I aslo have a funny story, when the statue was unvailed, I had an RAF friend who was a squadron Leader and was on duty at the event. Some time later saw a copy of London Life, with a glossy photo of the event on the front page, with my friend placed in one corner of the parade. I bought a copy and was going to give here the copy when she said she did'nt want it, and was a bit embarresed about the picture. A couple of weeks later, she asked me if I still had the magazine, and could she have it, her mother had heard about it and wanted the picture.



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