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Sunday, March 26, 2006

The Battle of Cable Street

It's Sunday today, which Sebastien of Trier has declared "Graffiti Sunday", and Paris has had a few riots, too. So I thought I'd combine the two themes.

I was moaning the other day how little real passion there is in British politics, compared say to the French. But it was not always thus. In 1936 Oswald Moseley - England's very own fascist would-be leader - was in stirring up trouble. There was a showdown at a march in Cable Street, and the Police attempted to clear the way for the fascists to march. It turned into a full blown riot, and the good news is, the good guys won. This mural commemorates the event.

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Comments on "The Battle of Cable Street"


Blogger Sam said ... (08:24) : 

This is a very interesting mural - wow!! Great shot of it too!


Blogger Pierre said ... (09:17) : 

Hi Ham,
Beautiful mural. So much things to see on it... But by the way, where is Waldo?


Blogger chris.h. said ... (17:13) : 

This made me dig out the cd by The Men They Couldnt Hang that has the song "ghosts of cable street" on it.Thanks for the reminder Ham.


Blogger Edwin Sumun said ... (17:47) : 

Love it! The sentiments of the world on a wall.

KL Daily


Blogger mea said ... (22:53) : 

Yay for murals! I love public art. I had completely forgotten about grafitti Sunday and it's great fun (although by luck, I managed to fit in today).


Blogger Cynthia! said ... (03:56) : 

wow cool!! I love this kind of protest-memory art!


Blogger Ham said ... (01:47) : 

pierre - lol!

Chris - never heard that - I'd be interested to hear an mp3 if at all possible


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (22:05) : 

The event shown in the mural never happened......the mob never came to grips with the Blackshirts, just pelted the police with bricks...some hero's.


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