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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Best London story ever?

This is a candidate for the most boring London picture but the best story. This is Brydges Place , which has the single merit of being the narrowst, longest passage in London. The Way We See It ran their photo challenge on it, and the results are pretty much as you'd expect.

This story I heard years ago. I have been trying to validate it, without luck, but that only means it is almost certainly true ;-)

Back at the end of the 19th Century, two aristocrats and friends were mambers of a club in Pall Mall, just around the corner. One, let us call him the Viscount Snooty was the healthy, outdoor, sporting type and his friend, let us call him Lord Bunter was ,frankly, fat. A porker. And his friend was always going on at him to loose weight and get fit. One day, Bunter had enough and challenged Lord Snooty to a 100 yard race. "I can beat you" he said, "and all I need is to choose the course and a 1 yard start." Well, Snooty was astounded. "No way could you beat me in a million years" "Bet I can" says Bunter, "£50 says I can" "You're on, lardbucket" says Snooty. So Bunter led him to Brydges Place, a 1 yard start was all he needed as he sauntered through to win the race. Toot toot!

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Comments on "Best London story ever?"


Blogger Denton said ... (04:55) : 

Good story. And as you say it almost certainly is true. I have been trying to take an interesting photo of narrow passages without much luck. Maybe Bob, from Barcelona PD, will try. Every photo he takes is great.


Blogger 3rdfloor20 said ... (08:04) : 

Funny story. Thanks.


Blogger Nicola said ... (08:29) : 

Ha, ha, funny story! Thanks for sharing!


Blogger Darren said ... (10:51) : 

From Logan Daily Photo - I just found out on the Getaway travel show tonight, that the narrow passage way was designed for market day. They could put the sheep through and they would have to go one at a time and they could be counted at the end.


Blogger Grant F said ... (17:19) : 

great story


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (18:06) : 

Good story.


Blogger Ham said ... (01:03) : 

Denton - I did try to do something with this photograph, but none of them showed it as long and narrow :-(

Darren - fascinating, I wonder if that applies to this? A lot of london's narrow streets are a result of buildings being built close together....


Blogger mea said ... (22:39) : 

This story is a riot!


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