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Saturday, March 25, 2006

Cheesed off

One of the anomalies of modern life is the resurgance of the Farmers Markets. In order to make a living, the farmer comes into towns and sells directly to the public - a bit like happened hundreds of years ago. One of the best is in Borough Market.

I make no apologies for revisitng from time to time; today, I would like to tell you about one of London's best cheese shops, Neal's Yard Dairy who can be found here. The perfect accompaniment to the sort of wonderful bread you might find in Paris (you can find decent bread in London, but that's another story). By the way - you can also buy Neal's Yard cheese in the states, according to their website!

Andreea in Brussels asked me about this a little while ago, I'm very happy to satisfy the request.

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Comments on "Cheesed off"


Blogger Eric said ... (00:26) : 

Cheese from London, bread from Paris, and now who brings the wine in this family??


Blogger San Francisco Daily Photo said ... (00:29) : 

Hmm... we got some in the San Francisco area, but it's outside of my photo territory. But I can give it a try (sorry, I didn't mean to use a rugby term in this period of mourning). ;-)



Blogger Denton said ... (03:19) : 

We have farmers markets but never any cheese this size.


Blogger Amande said ... (09:28) : 

I love this pic. The cheese looks so good!


Blogger Michael said ... (10:04) : 

Thanks for this Ham. As much as I love French cheeses, I can never get enough of cheddar!

Now Eric, if a Frenchman is now asking, "who brings the wine?", the world truly IS coming to an end.


Blogger Sam said ... (16:10) : 

Oh, I would LOVE some of this cheese! Great picture! I'm drooling now, lol.


Blogger Nicola said ... (16:13) : 

Hmmm, the cheese looks great! And with the light inside the shop looks very welcoming!

As for the wine, I could offer some from the Rheingau. If you're not into Riesling (no worries, I don't mean the sweet stuff that is mostly exported), we also have some really good red wines as well!


Blogger Lisi said ... (16:48) : 

Good shot, Ham...I love cheese too.


Blogger Grant F said ... (20:48) : 

history always repeats the little farmer and the independent shops! great pic...mouth watering at the moment.


Blogger Denton said ... (22:58) : 

Nicola's Riesling would go well with baguette and cheese.

In my photo archives, all I have to offer is Chateuneuf du Pape.


Blogger Steverino said ... (23:57) : 

My nose just perked up!

This image brought back found memories of a two week exploration of London my wife and I enjoyed during the fall of 2002.

I actually stumbled around this exact area, even going in to another cheese shop while my wife spend two hours at the nearby Bramah Tea Museum.

Things are looking up for cheese here in Chicago. On Broadway in Lakeview is Pastoral a small store front shop dedicated to cheese that also sells baquets and wine. Heaven two blocks from my apartment. I often run into Elaine Dame, a local jazz singer there.



Blogger Anna said ... (12:39) : 

Du fromage à Londres, du fromage sur le marché de Rouen :)


Blogger Andreea said ... (13:04) : 

Ham, I propose the following: Stilton from London, bread I would say ideally from Germany (Trier perhaps?), wine most definitly from Paris and then I'll bring the chocolate from Brussels :)

Thanks for the post and the shop details. I'll be in the UK for Easter, so this shop will have a Belgian visitor!


Blogger Stu "El Inglés" Harris said ... (01:58) : 

I can vouch for the availability of Neal's Yard cheeses here in California. Whole Foods, which is an upscale natural food market (but with excellent meat & fish counters) has a display of it. But the prices are such that my friends refer to the place as Whole Pay Packet.


Blogger Ham said ... (01:54) : 

eric - You do know that although the French make the best wine, the British are some of the best wine merchants? I may expand on that later...

Manuel - I see no odd shaped ball here

Nicola - we get decent reisling here, too!

Steverino - I'm glad to hear that. I haven't spent much time in the states, but I was astonished by what gets passed off for chees sometimes....

anna - t'as raison - la lien!

andreea - Go on a friday or Saturday for the rest of the market to be open - you will be bowled over!

stu - lol!


Blogger Seesaw said ... (20:31) : 

Wow, this is fantastic!


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