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Monday, March 27, 2006

Flowers for Mother

Today was Mother's Day in the UK, and I realised that there wsa a bit of trivia that quite a lot of people might not know. The origin of the UK Mother's day goes back to when a lot of peole had servants, and they were allowed one day a year off to go and see their mothers.

This picture was taken at the early delivery rush at my local florists, Molly & Bill Stevens in Forest Gate If you ever find yourself over this part of town, looking for flowers you really won't do better. Two other pics on My Other Stuff.

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Blogger Denton said ... (04:50) : 

Given our common ancestry I assume us celebration of mother's day comes from the UK. However we celebrate on a May 14th. I will have to ask around about why. A quick Google indicates in the UK the holiday is called "Mothering Sunday". Is this accurate?


Blogger Brian said ... (04:53) : 

We have a Mother's Day in May in the USA...
Great Spring shot, lovely to see the flowers again this year, I think you are earlier with Spring than we are...


Blogger santy said ... (05:21) : 

Hi, Ham! Thanks for visiting my blog :)In Indonesia, we celebrate Mother's Day on the 22nd of December. I love those flowers on your picture!


Blogger midnitebara said ... (07:14) : 

I didnt know that! Thanks!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:20) : 

The real origin of Mothering Sunday is described in Wikipedia. It is true that servants had a day off and were reunited with their families, because they traditionally returned to their 'Mother Church' once a year during Lent.
Link to Wikipedia Article


Blogger Nicola said ... (15:03) : 

Interesting! I always thought Mother's day is the same everywhere. We also celebrate it in May in Germany. Nice bouquets of flowers!


Blogger Lisi said ... (16:17) : 

very nice, Ham, in HK, scene like this only happens on Valentine's Day


Blogger Ham said ... (01:45) : 

Denton - yes, it is called Mothering Sunday - interesting how there seem to be so many variations on a theme around the world

Brian & Lucy - spring is late over here. It i sonly now getting off the ground. I'd suspect that these flowers are grown in glasshouses or in Africa.

Santy - Interesting, does the Dec 22 date mean it is wrapped in the Chrismas story, or it that just coincidence?

Lisi - this day is the very busiest in the florist! (although prices might go higher for valentines day)


Blogger santy said ... (08:22) : 

I believe it's merely coincidence, Ham.


Blogger mimi buzzard said ... (11:43) : 

Hi. This isn't about Mother's Day but just to say that I really like your blog (I also checked out your other one which is also fascinating)and so you now have a new fan!


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