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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Graffitti? Not really

There is a recurring theme of graffitti around. Sebastien of Trier Daily Photo has declared Sunday a graffitti day and has shown some great examples. So I thought I'd show you the London version, with a twist.

In Camden some enterprising shopkeepers have found the perfect defense against graffiti - decorate using graffitti. This chemist is my favourite. Three other shops are on My Other Stuff.

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Comments on "Graffitti? Not really"


Blogger Anna said ... (00:34) : 

this is the first time i've commented though i check daily. i LOVE london and i love that i can look at it everyday through your camera. thank you.

now, on to currect picture. you brits are crazy. what exactly does, "open til late" mean. clearly it's closed now so what time is "late" in britian?


Blogger Anna said ... (07:29) : 

Quelle jolie idée ! superbe !


Blogger Lisi said ... (07:45) : 

From the details I can see, the graffiti is about a Chemist, I bet it has dutifully related to the host :-)


Blogger chris.h. said ... (11:24) : 

More great graffitti--AND in my favorite part of london--Ive had some great nights out in Camden.


Blogger mea said ... (16:04) : 

I'm not sure that the Grafitti inspires confidence in this pharmacy to me. Rather, it looks a little bit like it might be a meth lab in disguise... ;)


Blogger Rob said ... (17:21) : 

Good idea. Sometimes it's difficult not to get grafitti in a shot.


Blogger Eric said ... (22:46) : 

LOL on the open till late comment by Anna... I love this idea of having a grafiti theme on Sundays.


Blogger Ham said ... (00:21) : 

anna (1) - thanks, nice to see you. open till late in England? 6:30. Maybe 7:00pm. Probably.

anna (2) Merci!

lisi - I would have liked to hear the negotiation between the artist and the shopkeepers. "OK, so you want me to pay you to spray paint on my shutter. So what happens if I don't? You say my shutter gets sprayed for free....." standard "tagging" graffitti is what happens to most shops in this area. Interestingly, they have left these alone.

Chris - and you can =remember= them???

Mea... lol - in this area, they wouldn't be short of customers.


Blogger JB said ... (13:28) : 

If you're ever in the Stoke Newington area (High St/Church St area) after the shops shut there are a very large number of shutters painted up in this way, some of them pretty good pieces too - also some nice ones on Essex Road in Islington.


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