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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

London's Vantage Points - Primrose Hill

The park, Primrose Hill is only a footstep from central London and has one of the best views, certainly worth the trip.

In fact if you want to:
  • Walk your dog

  • Sit and watch London go by

  • Get mown down by an army of joggers

  • Make out with a nanny while little spoiled brats play

  • then Primrose Hill is the place to go.
    Don't forget, this is the place where Mary Poppins belonged.


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    Comments on "London's Vantage Points - Primrose Hill"


    Blogger Eric said ... (00:50) : 

    Yeah, repeat after me Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious...


    Blogger Mathieu said ... (07:10) : 



    Blogger Nicola said ... (07:47) : 

    It's like that here in Germany as well - as soon as the sun comes out around these days, people go to the parks, take walks and enjoy the sunshine... Very nice picture! Make me wanna go outside as well...


    Anonymous Blue Witch said ... (10:13) : 

    Do you have (a) experience, or (b) pictures, of point 4? ;)


    Blogger midnitebara said ... (10:36) : 

    can you have a picnic there, too?


    Blogger Rob said ... (10:43) : 

    Great green ham.

    By the way I have reason to believe Mary Poppins is living in Barcelona.


    Blogger taigathefox said ... (11:30) : 

    That's my favourite place in London. Nice photo!


    Blogger Ham said ... (15:28) : 

    Eric - hang on a moment while I float down on this umbrella

    BW - I have never taken pictures nor joined in, but watching the gavotte on a summer afternoon is an education and entertainment. Very Breugel.

    midnitebara - yes, there are excellent delis nearby and there are benches all over to use, including right on top of the hill.

    Bob - polarising filter ;-)

    Mathieu, Nicola, taiga - thanks!


    Anonymous Anonymous said ... (17:05) : 


    Great pictures! I've put a link to your blog on my blog. We have some things in common, blogging and skiing (luggi foeger, get it?).


    Blogger Karine said ... (17:29) : 

    Nice!! I really want to go back to London. The more I look at your blog, and the more I wanna visit your city again. I've been there about 15 years ago :O... too long.


    Blogger julia said ... (22:33) : 

    I'm going to be showing my age with this comment, but the Red Hot Chili Peppers song Emmit Remus off the Californication album mentions three London sites; this is one of them:

    "Come what may the cosmos will
    Take me up and down on Primrose Hill" (interpret as you will).

    The shot is gorgeous, Ham! Makes me want to break out of the library and go frolick in the grass...


    Blogger Dean Harvey said ... (00:18) : 

    staying on a musical theme - but wasn't it on Primrose hill where the 1st dead/dying aliens were found by Richard Burton in Jeff Wayne's musical version of War of the World's.....


    Blogger Filet-o-bitch RPh said ... (02:15) : 

    amazing spot! visited when in London in Sept. we went at night...romantic!


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