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Monday, March 13, 2006

Missing... Sarah Flooks

When I posted this shot of a frozen pond the other day, I thought that was the closest I was likely to get to my home. How wrong I was.

The poster is about a teacher who disappeared without trace a week ago. It hit the national news and the area was heaving with police most of the week. This picture - and where she lived - are both my road. This photo from London Daily Photo's early days was taken just across the road from here.

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Comments on "Missing... Sarah Flooks"


Blogger Lisi said ... (05:05) : 

The news story seems to imply that she is in trouble at work?? on a different note, we used to have letter box exactly like that one in HK, it's like seeing an old friend here.


Blogger midnitebara said ... (08:37) : 

hope they find her soon, in healthy shape!


Blogger julia said ... (13:26) : 

I agree - the BBC was rather blase about her disapperance. It almost makes me not want to take the case seriously.
Oh, and Lisi - I think you can get a miniature of that mailbox as a "piggy" bank from any tourist shop - I have a telephone booth one.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (16:23) : 

Hope she flipped and is found. Let us know.


Blogger Ham said ... (00:26) : 

Well, folks, for all that people are talking about stress at work, etc etc, she has either a) snapped or b) been abducted or worse. Either way, she's in a bad way. If I hear naything, I'll let you all know.


Blogger San Francisco Daily Photo said ... (07:43) : 

Hmm... I was expecting a rubgy-related shot today.



Blogger Ham said ... (12:35) : 

Manuel - Why? I can't think of a single rugby match of any interest over the last few weeks. (or, is that just: "I wish I couldn't?)


Blogger San Francisco Daily Photo said ... (05:15) : 

Denial works, I use it too every so often. ;-)


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