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Saturday, March 04, 2006

RIBA and the Falun Gong

If you walk down Portland Place from Regents Park towards Oxford Circus you will discover the august building of the Royal Institute of British Architects and outside you will find a one-person demonstration (wider shot of the building on My Other Stuff). One of the smallest, longest running and poignant demonstrations ever, it comprises one member of the Falun Gong going through meditation exercises. You may wonder just how the architects have upset the Falun Gong, but the answer is on the other side of the road - the Chinese Embassy.

The sad story of this pacifist minority that has been treated brutally by the Chinese is little known. This page documents each and every one of 2,829 people that have been murdered by the regime. Take the time to look at one or two. A warning - these stories do not make easy reading. Have a look at Hong Kong DailyPhoto for the last vestiges of free speech in China, long may it carry on!

Ah well, bang goes my chinese readership.

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Comments on "RIBA and the Falun Gong"


Blogger Eric said ... (06:57) : 

Great subject for a post Ham. I might have something up my sleeve as well. Amazing how long this has been going on, and no, I think your Chinese readership will probably appreciate the free expression.


Blogger San Francisco Daily Photo said ... (08:00) : 

Good post Ham. I wouldn't worry too much about your Chinese audience because I doubt the regime has much popular support in China.



Blogger Ham said ... (08:20) : 

....but thinking about it, Blogger is blocked in China, anyway.


Blogger Lisi said ... (11:00) : 

Hi Ham, just a little bit of extra info: the white sign is about relay hunger strike which is also related to my post on Feb 20, updated info:


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (21:02) : 

I ride by this corner on my cycle to work. Every morning there is a demonstrator out there. Last week I think person had some difficulty doing the exercises because he/she had on a massive ski jacket. I don't blame them; it was bitterly cold that morning.


Blogger Mark said ... (02:24) : 

Excuse me, but, is not Falun Gong a political movement purporting to be a Religous group?!


Anonymous Sedulia said ... (03:00) : 

I lived around the corner from here for a while. Once the Chinese embassy gave a huge party for Chinese New Year and Falun Gong stood across the street banging drums the whole time. The French government doesn't seem to allow that kind of protest in Paris.


Blogger Rob said ... (12:35) : 


March 10th is also the 47th anniversary of the Tibetan Uprising


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