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Friday, April 28, 2006

Battersea Power Station

Battersea Power Station is an enigmatic place. A derilict site with a landmark Art Deco building in the heart of London.

So what to do with it? Pink Floyd tied a pink pig to it. the locals had plans for it. It has astonishing visual impact. And now, it is going to be an Entertainment Complex. Maybe.

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Blogger Peter said ... (01:01) : 

Hmmm - it's very sad. I grew up with this view. The estate of appartments (flats to an Englishman) I lived in are just behind you. They took their hot water from the excess steam from the power station, piped under the river and pumped into the central heating and hot water of over 2000 appartments. We never ran out of hot water for a bath, it would run for as long as you wanted and I never knew any different as a child. It was an award winning scheme in the early '50s. Now the power station has been shut down, the roof ripped off and the turbines removed by a developer who then went bust - now it's laid to waste. (lump in throat!)


Blogger Michael said ... (06:02) : 

Thank you for posting this Ham. I may be strange, but I passed this every day on my way to work between London and Gatwick and always found it an amazing building. I think the key word is "maybe" in your post, but I do hope they do something with it.


Anonymous Penny said ... (09:14) : 

I have a French musician friend who told me that Pink Floyds "Animals" was the album that got him into music in a serious way when he was a teenager. On his way to his 1st gig in London he got the train into Victoria and he saw Battersea for the 1st time. He said his jaw dropped as he didn't know it was a real building and couldn't believe he was seeing the building that was so closly linked with his decision to become a musician.


Blogger ljubljana_photo said ... (10:32) : 

We used to have one exactly the same as this when I was growing up in Brighton. It was just along the coast in the Southwick/Shoreham area, and was dead south from my house, which meant that it was constantly on view from my kitchen window. It was strangely comforting. Then the four towers became two, and a few years later the two became one, and then another few years past and Boom. No more old power station. A new one was built and it's just not the same. Sometimes, why can't they just leave things. Just to stay as a reminder to the past.


Anonymous FredB said ... (12:52) : 

I -always- try to embrace the view when taking the Eurostar to London, even when I'm on the wrong side of the wagon.
Ham, has a real pig balloon been tied to the power station, or was it a (scissors and glue not Photoshop) montage?


Blogger Ham said ... (23:51) : 

Great stories, all. Peter, I love the idea that this unseen channel under the Thames kept so many warm. Fred - it was for real. See the link on the word "pig" for details. I wish I had a photo of the pig floating away.....


Blogger Darren said ... (01:16) : 

From Brisbane Daily Photo - Hi Ham, We already have one of our powerhouses converted into a theatre.

If you want to have a look go to -

I went there for TaikOz, a japanese drum group that have the little drums right up to the massive drums. The room started out dark and it felt like thunder rolling through the area and then the lights came up. The energy some of them had was awesome to see.


Blogger Ham said ... (14:16) : 

Darren, I love the idea of listening to those dums in an old powerhouse, brilliant!


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