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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

The Egyptian Trail - I've found a sphinx!

Blow me down, a Sphinx in London, well I never! A lot of people will know where we are by now, location is revealed tomorrow. But can you see those chips in the plinth? They were caused by the explosion of a bomb dropped on London, from a Zeppelin in 1917.

I'm on holiday this week, so posting happens courtesy of Manuel at San Francisco Daily Photo

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Comments on "The Egyptian Trail - I've found a sphinx!"


Blogger San Francisco Daily Photo said ... (03:33) : 

Hehe, I'm the first one to see your photos this week...

This is definitely surprising... are we in Las Vegas? (waiting for the Eiffel tower and Rialto bridge for final confirmation)



Blogger Anne said ... (07:55) : 

Nice find Ham! And beautiful shot!


Blogger Lisi said ... (09:46) : 

Egypt in London, and outside of the Museum...interesting, Ham...


Anonymous Helen said ... (10:02) : 

If you walk into the park by Cleopatra's Needle, there is also a little camel - a memorial to the Camel Corps, many, if not most, of whom fought in Egypt. Does that count?


Blogger Brian said ... (13:07) : 

Great picture, the sphinx in the softer sunlight of London.


Blogger Philipp said ... (21:00) : 

I'm really anxious to know why they put a sphinx there! Hope it wasn't a german Zeppelin- but I'm afraid it was...


Blogger Anna said ... (07:40) : 

Très surprenant grâce à ton angle de vue. Great shot !


Blogger LalaBrown said ... (23:01) : 

This is one of the two sphinxes in embankment London guarding "Cleopatra's Needle". The damage on the sphinx's pedestal was caused by a bomb dropped on London by Germany on Sept. 4 1917, during world war I. (I'm doing a project on it in school)


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