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Sunday, April 09, 2006

Graffiti Sunday

For today's "Graffiti Sunday" (Sebastien's idea) offering, I present you with Hackney's Peace Mural. I can do no better than to quote you the first two lineas and point you to this link - MURALS are unfashionable, and peace murals commissioned by loony-left councillors at the height of their self-indulgent assault on the Thatcher government are perhaps most unfashionable of all.

You will be pleased that - as is obvious - the article is old and the mural has been saved.

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Anonymous Anonymous said ... (04:56) : 

I just had to say, this is wonderful, being at uni down in brighton it makes me miss home, especially considering my 'home' friends are all over London. So the murale is on the way to Claire's house, James lives around the corner from the Hackey Empire. I live two streets or so away from the chemist in Camden.

And you've even hit things like the pretty building we pass on the way to bootsales. The one I passed every day on the way to my summer job. The farmer's market my mother drags me to. The view me and my friends see when laying in the sun by Ally Pally. The plane I look at everytime I'm going back to uni in Brighton.

Anyway, yes, thank you and looking forward to seeing more!


Blogger Anne said ... (08:08) : 

This is beautiful! I enjoy looking at the graffitis around the world!


Blogger Sam said ... (09:52) : 

What Great grafitti I'm seeing today! All we have here are swear words scribbled on the bus stop by the kids waiting to go to school, lol.


Blogger Denton said ... (18:31) : 

Very fashionable mural indeed ... I looked it up and murals meet the definition requirement for graffiti. I enjoyed your photo, explanation, and link.


Blogger Brian said ... (18:41) : 

Good link. I think all public art and architecture goes through a period of time when people really react against, then the next generation or so loves it again...


Blogger Vancouver Daily Photo said ... (20:15) : 

This is definitely worth saving!


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