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Monday, April 03, 2006

Intermission - a Day Out of London

Glossing over the mistake I made of posting Sunday's picture before Saturday, I'll move on to the story of what this Londoner did for this weekend.

On Friday, I lobbed the bikes onto the back of the car and Mrs Ham and I headed off to Southwold in Suffolk. Now I know that this is a London Blog, but this village represents so much of what people look for in England, that I make no excuses. This is a town untouched by chain stores, crime is not a problem, pubs abound, the gently undulating countryside is serene (Constable's Dedham lock was filmed just up the road in the 19th Century) and all is at peace with the world. If you are looking for a place to unwind from London's stress, I can thoroughly recommend the family run Blyth Hotel in Southwold - their bar spoke to me in a language I can understand.

Normal London service will be resumed tomorrow.

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Comments on "Intermission - a Day Out of London"


Blogger Grant F said ... (23:03) : 

looks like a very shiny pub! will be delighted to go down and sample a few beers there...once you lot bring in a smoking ban too!!


Blogger santy said ... (08:11) : 

Hi, Ham! That picture looks...classy! And the reflection of you taking a picture there adds a nice touch to it. This may sound stupid, but what are those on the table that has the word Adnams?


Blogger Ham said ... (10:26) : 

grant - this is a non-smoking hotel! (I can't remember if the bar was non-smoking, too, but I can't remember anyone smoking)

Santy - THOSE pump beer! (Called "Beer Engines" actually, although mostly referred to as beer pumps) The British beer is "live" and not under pressure, so needs to be pumped out of the barrels.


Blogger Edwin Sumun said ... (17:38) : 

Nothing like a pint to get back into the groove of things.



Blogger chris.h. said ... (21:36) : 

Dont feel bad about taking a photo outside London--especially when its that good(and its beer!)


Blogger Carlos said ... (21:36) : 

I will remember this hotel. I would like to visit something quiet, comfortable and with good beer. I have been to London twice and I love it, but now I see what I am missing. Thanks for your good tips.


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