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Friday, April 07, 2006

Taxi to London airport?

So London Airport is in Heathrow, right? It wasn't always like that. The first London Airport was here, in Croydon. Its history goes back to the First World War, a time when air travel was new, thrilling and dangerous. The Sopwith Camel was one of the most famous and successful planes. What set it apart was the engine designed by WO Bentley which was far more reliable than anything gone before. It made it likely that the pilot would get back home, rather than fall out the sky. Oh yeah, Snoopy had one, too.

The airport is now a Business Centre, all that remains is this plane.

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Comments on "Taxi to London airport?"


Blogger luminlight said ... (05:05) : 

That is one pretty airport. The architecture reminds me somewhat of residential buildings.


Blogger midnitebara said ... (06:33) : 

yeah, doesnt look like an airport to me too. Good of them to leave that plane. Nice !


Blogger Anne said ... (09:19) : 

Nice shot! Was this an actual plane or just a replica?


Blogger Grant F said ... (10:47) : 

glad they kept the plane as a reminder of what the building used to be...they don't make airports like that these days!


Blogger Nuno said ... (15:44) : 

One of those buildings probably was an hospital with so many accidents.
I imagine that should exist many buildings like that in London from old factories with big chimneys. I love those buildings type!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (17:40) : 



Blogger Brian said ... (20:11) : 

There was an early 70s group called Sopwith Camel, now I know where the name came from...


Blogger Peter said ... (23:39) : 

I had always assumed that this was the remains of the runway - but I could be wrong. Ham's aeroplane can be seen just to the north by the road. The grass strips to the left in a "A" formation are for the model flying club that I have seen there when passing.


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