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Friday, June 16, 2006

Beating Retreat

I'm grateful to LDP reader Peter who was at today's Beating Retreat ceremony. It was in front of the Duke of Edinburgh, who has just turned 85. Peter sent me this photo, and I am pleased to present it to you. If you haven't heard the DofE stories before, enjoy this list of his gaffes. This was taken at Horseguards parade, where a few weeks a go the Sultans Elephant was trumpeting about.

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Blogger John Nez said ... (00:34) : 

Very interesting! I had no idea the Duke of E was known for his gaffes.

Here in the US we just have the notorious President 'Dubbya', who of course has set the all time Guiness Book of Records high mark for the most gaffes produced in all known history... (at least 15 a day no doubt).

Those two might just get along.



Blogger Ham said ... (01:01) : 

John, I might be being unfair, but Dubya's appear to be through ignorance. Phillip's once ar ejust because he jus' don' giv-a-damn


Blogger Jenny said ... (02:40) : 

And at least with Dubya, we can vote him out. You're stuck with all your dukes and earls and princes, no matter how embarrassing they are, forever!


Blogger scouter573 said ... (04:37) : 

The impressive bit is that Dubya has had only half the time to accumulate his reputation. And who says the American educational system is second-best?


Blogger Brian said ... (14:21) : 

Too funny, like a character from Monty Python...


Blogger Ryan of OC Photos said ... (16:14) : 

Ham, I think if I read your blog long enough I will be more educated on London than most tour guides. Maybe that will be my next job.


Anonymous Helen said ... (17:37) : 

Any chance of you linking to some of the DofE's achievements? You know, the Awards and the WWF and, oh, just a few other things.


Blogger Nerissa said ... (20:36) : 

I actually know of one gaffe that was said TO the DofE. During a Vancouver visit, a waitress was heard to say, "Keep the fork, Duke. There's pie for dessert."

Cute and certainly not as biting as some of DofE's but I always found it funny.

It's a cool picture.


Blogger Annie said ... (23:32) : 

A very informative posting - about London traditions and the Prince's gaffes. Ditto on all those who mentioned the gaffer extraordinaire here in the U.S.


Blogger Ham said ... (23:38) : 

Jenny, I have to confess I wouldn't swap Phillip for Dubya (or for anyone else, actually) For all the monarchy are anachronistic, the alternatives don't appeal to me.

Scouter, some are just born with talent.

Brian & Lucy the Wikipedia Article has more of what they term "controversial remarks"

OC - I'll see if I can find you an application form !

Helen - I don't have anything against Phillip, and you are right, his name is against an impressive series of worthwhile causes. One never gets the ompression that he is as committed as Charles is, though.

Nerissa - great story!


Blogger Sally said ... (05:33) : 

I just wish he'd stay at home - perhaps age will ensure that. When he and his wife fetch up on our shores we have to pay for them!


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