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Friday, June 09, 2006

Rendez vous with more dp bloggers

As the Paris Blogger Bash draws closer, the stories start coming out. First, we have Eric telling three charming women to arrive on Wednesday when the party is on Friday (I'd like to state it clearly here and now that I do not suspect Eric of any nefarious motives, I'm certain it was a simple administrative error). Then Mark let slip that he'd been entertaining some bloggers. Now I find that some more bloggers, including Mr Vortigen have set up a party in Magma Books in London (must be cousins, look at the similariities). I'm confused.

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Comments on "Rendez vous with more dp bloggers"


Blogger Gail's Man said ... (00:52) : 

Amusing characters. All you need now are Wallace & Gromit


Blogger Kais said ... (07:57) : 

very cute dolls. I like dog, frontline!


Anonymous Anne said ... (08:49) : 

Hehehe funny ham! I'm so jealous of all you guys! I want to fly to Paris right now!


Blogger danne said ... (17:51) : 

To bad I didn't know you before because then I wiould have invited you to my blogparty (see todays picture with the panncakes 2006-05-20/1 ) :-) Well, I'll invite you the next time. cheers from a swede living in Guatemala.


Blogger Jenny said ... (18:49) : 

These guys plus Charlie's Angels plus the Coneheads - not sure I really want to go to that party after all!


Anonymous lynn said ... (15:15) : 

rofl at title!


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