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Saturday, June 10, 2006


One of the things I like about doing this blog is finding out about things that have passed me by. This statue of Tiruvalluvar stands in a quiet corner by the School for Oriental and African Studies off Russell Square. I didn't know who he was or that he was a Tamil Philosopher from the 5th Century BC, who said things like "The ignorant are like useless, brackish soil, they exist and that is all". Kind of direct, eh?

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Blogger Mark said ... (08:01) : 

Wow, this guy's harsh!
By the way I need your address for the post card.


Blogger chris.h. said ... (08:15) : 

He must be from Yorkshire,with directness like that!!!


Blogger Deetsa said ... (09:13) : 

Wow... you learn something new each day. I didn't even know there were Tamil philosophers let alone a famous one.

No point in sugar-coating words if they will make you think, eh?


Blogger Jazzy said ... (10:13) : 

You really find interesting things to show. The colour of the statue is unusual.


Blogger Lisi said ... (11:36) : 

interesting post...Tiruvalluvar really didn't mean to encourage with his words...


Blogger Celine said ... (13:59) : 

Great find, and great picture. Thanks for the information on the subject. He certainly had a way with words. ;)


Blogger Denton said ... (19:47) : 

Your right about finding things which have passed you by. I think DP blogging leads to a richer experience of your everyday life. How is that for philosophy?


Blogger Louz said ... (02:26) : 

He (the statue) looks rather stern. I agree about the finding things. With the blog in mind I'm just look more and find things I wouldn't have paid attention to otherwise.


Blogger Emmanuel.K.Bensah II said ... (17:25) : 

"less is more":-) well-said.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (19:44) : 

Hey, if you still live nearby can you take another picture . I heard some parts have been defaced!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12:56) : 

He born in SouthIndia 31 years before Jesus, he wrote Thirukkural which contains 1330 Kurals in 133 parts. Thirukkural mainly speaks about humanatiran thoughts. He gives advice to the King and citizens about human life and worth living.Thirukkural is the second book next to Bible,which has been translated in many world languages.

As a Indian I am very proub that there is Thiruvalluvar statue in London but on the other hand I am very sad that it has been defaced and donot have proper maintenance,please take steps to maintain it.



Anonymous Anonymous said ... (07:58) : 

We in India, especially in Tamil Nadu, have many Statues for English People, Streets/Roads Named after English Gentlemen. I am really surprised and feel proud that an Indian Tamilian found place in British heartland by having a statue of St.Thiruvalluvar.It is a proof that Native English Gentlemen go beyond Race, Religion, Nationality and Language and respect what a person says. In the words of the Saint himself it is ULLUVATHELLAM UYARVULLAL i.e. High Thinking.


Anonymous Sam said ... (10:50) : 

SMILE, with patience, hopeful heart, in troublesome hour and vanquish grief; nothing hath equal power. - Thiruvalluvar(Kural No.: 621) :)


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