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Monday, June 12, 2006

Village Green Cricket

Village Green cricket is alive and well. I took this picture on Woodford Green, the other end from where I took this. For those people who would like to understand how the game is played, this should help. Here's a curiosity, as far as I know, cricket is the only game to have laws, not rules.

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Blogger Nerissa said ... (05:45) : 

What I'm wondering is whether it is a male-dominated sport still or are there a lot of women's teams. Every time I see it played, it seems to be only men and boys!


Anonymous nebel said ... (05:45) : 

Uhh, nice, I saw a documentary on Village Green cricket a few months ago, I think it might have even featured Woodford Green! It seems like a very interesting sport!


Blogger Ryan of OC Photos said ... (06:43) : 

I'm not sure I can handle a game that could last several days.


Blogger Carmen said ... (11:12) : 

Ham, this is really what I was looking for. I've always tried to understand cricket. It's so british, that I love it! Thanks!


Blogger Jenny said ... (16:56) : 

Thanks a lot for the explanation - now I get it... NOT!


Blogger Mark said ... (21:18) : 

Cricket is a fantastic sport to play, but so boring to watch. Unless you are having a cream tea of course.Lol


Anonymous keith said ... (21:26) : 

Association Football has laws, not rules.

Perhaps it's an English thing?


Blogger Ham said ... (00:34) : 

Nerissa, there is a long history of women playing cricket but basically, its men.

Sebastian, interesting isn't a word I'd use, much as I enjoy it ;-)

OC, its only county and test that go on for days at a time, the rest just seem that way.

Carmen, Jenny, glad to be of service ;-)

Mark, beers help, too

Keith, yes I wasn't certain of my ground there. English odditiy it is, then.


Blogger Sally said ... (05:45) : 

It's certainly men get the TV coverage. There are strong women's tams, however, and women invented overarm bowling (it used to be underarm, but the ball got caught in their skirts).

Here in Austyralia the junior cricket teams my son has played in have always had girsl in them as well.


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