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Thursday, June 22, 2006

You've got mail

....and a Webcam and MSN.....

Top tip for the traveller in London with a laptop. Wander around in an alleyway behind offices and shops, pretty soon you'll pick up free WiFi, and off you go. I left this guy with the URL of London Daily Photo, I hope he drops by and says hi!

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Blogger Gail's Man said ... (07:50) : 

I did the same when I went to Dubai, Australia and Bangkok. Dubai was the best, as I picked up a good signal whilst sitting by the hotel pool.


Blogger MLL said ... (08:14) : 

Many thanks for the tip. Now I know I must not forget my laptop when I go to London. (I still haven't got any but who knows... :))
Hi Mr with the laptop, pleased to meet you.


Anonymous NiC said ... (10:47) : 

Not password protected? I'm shocked. When installing a wireless card for our eldest daugther in her loftroom I came across our neighbours WiFi... but sadly it was protected :(

Good tip.. I shall be trying it out soonermost.


Anonymous alaya said ... (10:55) : 

some friends of mine did it too to the neighbour.
nice candid pic :)


Blogger Kris said ... (12:07) : 

then must haves ipod, whatever berry ,the list on and on and on..but i dont have laptop :p


Blogger Lisi said ... (13:06) : 

laptop+free can photoblog anywhere you go! good capture Ham


Blogger Passante said ... (15:57) : 

Thanks, Ham, what a great tip. I never thought of that, but I'll try it here in Washington DC.


Blogger Paul said ... (16:45) : 

Love your site - London is my favorite city outside the U.S., and I visit there once a year for a conference at Earl's Court. I hope rumors that they're thinking about turning the place into a casino are false. I'd hate to return to that barn (Olympia) where the show used to be held. It's amazing to me how many businesses do such a poor job of eliminating unauthorized WiFi access. Numerous studies done here in the States on "war driving," where folks tour the area with a laptop, wireless card and radio scanner to detect open nodes, show how easy it is to eavesdrop on networks - not just using them for free Internet access, but even intercepting privileged communications.


Blogger Ham said ... (01:33) : 

Thanks folks. I like the fact that one of the best antennas to use for war driving is what you can make from a can of pringles


Anonymous diogoyork said ... (02:02) : 

Hy! im the guy in the picture! hehehe thanks very much, i ahve been in yout blog
some times before, and to day i saw my picture, thanks very much, i realy liked,
and the other pictures as weel! nice to meet you! my name is Diogo, im from


Blogger Ham said ... (15:38) : 

Hey Diogo! Nice to see you, hope you have a great time in London.


Anonymous lynn said ... (15:12) : 

lol what a great way to meet new people. Like the pose.


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