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Sunday, July 16, 2006

A classic London sight

We are so used to the phone box in London, we pass it by without a thought. It is a perfect example of functional design, and all attempts to find a more up to date replacement have failed. Made me laugh when they discovered that traffic noise stopped them from using a plain hood.

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Blogger NYC TAXI SHOTS said ... (01:29) : 



Blogger Michael said ... (07:46) : 

And where would Dr. Who be without one?


Blogger Kim said ... (08:19) : 

Michael, LOL!

Ham, today I have one last tie-in to photos from LDP. I think London and Seattle are not the only places that have these, and am wondering if others have photos form their cities.

Hope your Sunday is relaxing,
Seattle Daily Photo's updated link is


Blogger Jazzy said ... (08:33) : 

These phone boxes look fabulous, the colour, the windows... Very cool


Blogger ~tanty~ said ... (14:58) : 

It is the color that fascinated me.


Blogger Passante said ... (16:48) : 

Kim -- I think I saw these phone boxes in Hong Kong years and years ago.

Anyway on my recent visit home (i.e., London) a couple of weeks ago, I don't remember seeing a single one of these older phone boxes (but I did see a truly cool Victorian pillar box. Are the red phone boxes getting more rare, Ham?


Blogger c jane said ... (16:53) : 

I saw one by Parliament Square last month.
I heard that they were going the way of the double decker it true?


Blogger Chris said ... (21:12) : 

Wonderful !

Is that a swinger road ? :-)


Blogger Ham said ... (00:29) : 

They ripped out a lot of the old boxes, but discovered that the modern things they put in their place didn't work as well. I don't think there are any plans to replace any more, but the future of call boxes is uncertain, the income from them has plummeted as a result of the mobile phone.


Blogger Eric said ... (05:39) : 

Chris, what is a "swinger road"?


Blogger Ham said ... (14:55) : 

Eric - that's a cue for tuesday's post - all will be revealed.


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