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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Foley Street Studios

As you travel around London, you will see quite a few structures similar to this, with staircase down. They used to be public toilets, but were sold off some years back, and became all sorts of enterprises. This on Foley Street was a film or tape studio for a while, they put the taller structure inside the old. My favourite example, though, was the one that turned into an upright tanning shop. Their slogan? Tanning at your conveniene.

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Anonymous BondBloke said ... (15:10) : 

Are you sure your favourite doesn't have some connection with the subject of yesterday's post, I know a few people down there who would pay a goodly sum to be tanned, upright or otherwise...


Blogger Marie McC said ... (15:49) : 

Ham, your Tom Cards post has some people finding sex (or S&M) everywhere. ;-)

I really like your posts like this one that show us a side of London we'd never see in a travel brochure! Very interesting, and the structure is lovely.


Blogger Passante said ... (22:26) : 

How cool!

I think non-Brits probably need an explanation of the joke of "tanning at your convenience":

Public toilets are also called public conveniences in the UK -- probably a term that came from more prudish days when even suggesting bodily functions was taboo.


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