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Saturday, July 08, 2006

Let me show you my London

In contrast to yesterday's somber mood, today I'd like to show you some of the glory of London. Crossing Waterloo Bridge on my way to work, I just had to stop and take this picture for you.

It doesn't matter which bridge I use, what the weather is like, how busy I am; I always look around me, and feel lucky.

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Comments on "Let me show you my London"


Blogger Helen said ... (01:41) : 

Very pretty. I like photo's having to do with water!


Blogger Kim said ... (02:58) : 

Ham, I can just feel the breeze off the sparkling water. You are indeed very lovely.


Blogger Kim said ... (03:00) : 

I thought I wrote "lucky." Ooops, although I'm sure you're lovely :-)


Blogger Michael said ... (06:23) : 

LOL Kim...must have been a Freudian slip! I like this photo a lot Ham. I too love (and miss) the water, and feel in Paris I have to look around or it will all go by without me. London is the same I suppose. Glad you stop and smell the roses along the way.


Blogger edwin s said ... (07:04) : 

Good for you Ham! And thank you for the picture.


Blogger alice said ... (11:11) : 

You feel lucky, and you are! London is such a great town in my opinion too.


Blogger Mark said ... (17:30) : 

There goes a proud man, and who can't blame him:)


Blogger Ham said ... (00:57) : 

Thanks, folks.

Kim, I might be??? ;-)

Michael, fortunately the bridge I mostly use is the quietest one (as it isn't on a through route) so slowing down and stopping isn't a problem. Waterloo bridge (where I took this one) was more of a challenge.

The Seine and Paris is equally inspiring, I rather like (or, used to like) some of the quieter bits up by the 12e and 13e arrondissements.


Blogger lynn said ... (19:40) : 

I used to walk regularly over this bridge for work in The Temple - request pls Ham? Middle Temple lane would be great, at the bottom. Not to be specific or anything..! Well anyway this is beautiful and used to lift my spirit every time. Thanks.


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