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Friday, July 14, 2006

Let them eat cake!

Those famous words, often attributed to Marie Antoinette as her response to the peasants problem - "they have no bread" is a suitable way to say Happy Bastille Day to our French friends from across the channel (of which there are now quite a lot - more than you might think!).

And here is London's answer to that question - Konditor and Cook. They are a small chain of shops who make "fabulous cakes - the sort you'd make yourself if only you had the time, energy or inclination..

For those revisionists that are interested, the provenance of the "Let them eat cake" phrase is here, on the Straight Dope which is a site worth a browse.

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Comments on "Let them eat cake!"


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (08:06) : 

Merci :)
A French friend.


Anonymous anne said ... (14:02) : 

Looks very homey...I'm sure you've already tried it


Blogger Chris said ... (14:31) : 

Thanks for celebrating ! A nice resting day, waiting for fireworks and Bal des Pompiers everybody in the world envy ;-)


Blogger Eric said ... (18:39) : 

See how things change. Now the "peasants" amount less than 3% of the French population and French people don't worry about eating bread or cake but how NOT to eat carbohydrate for it makes them fat!

Anyway thank you for such a thoughtful idea (17 links you had to make!) The Frenck cities are way too represented on this city daily photo thing!!



Blogger Paul said ... (21:48) : 

As Homer Simpson might say, "Mmmmmm, cake."


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