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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside

If you live in Paris, you have to have your beach created for you. In London, you have your beach ready made. If you were a cynic, you'd point out that there is nobody on the London beach because it is filthy, also you are liable to be drowned if you hang around for too long (High tide on the Thames comes right up to the platform of the pier!). To say it that way loses the essence of the seaside - sand by the water - you old cynic you.

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Comments on "Oh I do like to be beside the seaside"


Blogger Anna said ... (02:46) : 

i must say, that does look quite disgusting.


Blogger ems said ... (08:13) : 

Isn't the beach being reclaimed? I think I heard something along those lines.

I wouldn't plan to sit on it but I do enjoy crunching along the shore at Wapping while the tide is low.


Anonymous anne said ... (14:19) : 

Oh I love the beach...but atleast a little bit cleaner :)


Blogger Ovelikios said ... (21:01) : 

You should have seen athenian Kifissos, the filthiest european river. It was so bad, that everybody was happy when the river ran dry. Now it only has water in the winter, when it rains.


Anonymous Passante said ... (15:01) : 

Actually I did see one or two brave souls sitting on this beach when I was in London in July.


Blogger lynn said ... (19:21) : 

Yes - they were probably doing it for a bet.


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