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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Sleuth Day in the Daily Photo world!

If you are into murder mysteries, the best place in Europe is here, in Murder One, the biggest specialist crime bookshop.

Today, the wonderful world of the Daily Photo brings you the first international quiz.

Your mission, should you accept it, is to discover the two Daily Photo sites that have a linked post today. Entries by email to londondailyphoto (at), progress can be tracked in my comments box, the first three winning entries will get a postcard from both of the sites. There are clues in each of the two sites text on the post, and here are some more clues:

They are a world apart.

One is not in Old North Scotland, the other isn't that far away.

A celt sewn lump of coal marks one end, the other has a recent connection with ancient games.

Is it Art, or is it Paul? (a little more cryptic, those last ones)

(More clues will appear through the day)

Good luck, and good hunting.

Mark, sorry, Barcelona and
Barcelona is not the answer (nor are San Diego and
San Diego

12:40 - Chris, Carment, Kathrine, you are the winners! The two sites are Newcastle and Sydney, who both have the same design of bridge. The story of the two bridges is fascinating, I recommend you have a look.

Decipering the cryptic clues:
One is not in Old North Scotland - sydney is in New South Wales, the other isn't that far away, Newcastle is near Scotland.

A celt sewn lump of coal marks one end, the other has a recent connection with ancient games. A Celt sewn = Newcastle, famous for its coal, Sydney held the Olympics

Is it Art, or is it Paul? Sorry about these - Art Garfunkel, Paul Simon, Bridge over Troubled Waters.

Thanks all for taking part, the winners will gettheir postcards for Sally Sydney and Chris Newcastle.

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Comments on "Sleuth Day in the Daily Photo world!"


Blogger John Nez said ... (02:26) : 

That's an interesting idea... a bookstore devoted soley to Mystery novels.

There was one such bookstore that opened in my neighborhood about 6 years ago... it was entirely stocked with Mystery Genre books. And the proprietor spent gobs of money getting the shelves and decor all tweaked to perfection.

But alas! It went out of business... as so many small bookstores tend to do when the behemoth Barnes & Noble moves in two blocks away. Murdered as it were by the gigantic shadowy chain store... as is so much of modern day enterprise.


Blogger Ham said ... (09:44) : 

John, you are right, I miss all the little bookshops that you could find all over. It's probably true that the larger ones have a wider range of books than ever before but choice isn't everything. There is something cold and almost intimidating about the size of the book superstores that takes away some of the pleasure of making friends with a book for the first time. No number of coffee shops can put that back

There are still a few small shops in the Charing Cross Road, but nothing like the number there used to be.

We have the first City Daily Photo Sleuth Winner! (09:30)


Blogger Ham said ... (11:53) : 

We have the second winner!!! 11:40


Blogger Carmen said ... (11:54) : 

I love bookshops, crime and Charing Cross Road! So, for me this is the ideal post. Thank you very much for it, Ham.


Blogger Sally said ... (13:41) : 

Well done bridge spotters!


Blogger chris.h. said ... (13:47) : 

Brilliant--well done folks!
Will get the postcards to you all asap--and thanks Ham for helping out.


Blogger Carlos said ... (13:51) : 

Quite entertaining new experience. I see that some of you thought we were the answer to the quiz. This proves to be a great way of making us all participate.


Blogger Carmen said ... (15:15) : 

Can't believe it! Did I win or is there another Carmen? Wow! Thanks!!!


Blogger Nuno said ... (16:37) : 

This is a great idea to focus attention on details, well done for the winners!


Blogger ems said ... (19:34) : 

Customers of the company for which I used to work - a great shop!


Blogger Felicia said ... (21:54) : 

This is a brillant game. I was stumped...thanks for explaning the clues, cryptic indeed for us clueless ones.


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