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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

These guys should be band!

Well, that's what they are, trouble is the council wants them banned (together with all buskers) from the South Bank.

I heard their accomplished playing of some jazz standards (A Train, Sweet Georgia Brown ec) from my desk and wandered out to take a closer look, and their picture. They don't have a website, so I'll pass on their message - "Keep Music Live!"

A little later, they were moved on.

Quiz arrives this time tomorrow,.

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Comments on "These guys should be band!"


Anonymous Pier said ... (06:51) : 

So bad they don't let them busking..


Blogger John said ... (09:00) : 

Councils and buskers ! It's happening in Melbourne too. Although I must say there are a lot of very good buskers / street entertainers round these parts.


Blogger MLL said ... (10:08) : 

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.


Anonymous anne said ... (10:17) : 

That's too bad..I enjoy listening to street music!


Blogger Carmen said ... (10:20) : 

I can't understand why the Council is banning them. It's wonderful to hear street musicians. Here in Madrid we have some very talented players... and some terrible ones, truth be said. But they all deserve an opportunity, don't you think so?


Blogger City Slicker said ... (13:32) : 

Where along the Southbank?
That is ridiculous
Like your blog
First time reading it
Very cool indeed
London's Cityslicker


Blogger Ham said ... (14:24) : 

Pier, nothing we like more than stopping things!

Carmen, Simple fact is, you do get bad buskers but (with the possible exception of bagpipe players in Edinburgh, where nobody can tell if they are playing badly) they don't often come back. These guys were cool. As a nation, we do seem to get awfully uptight about things that we don't control.

City slicker, thanks ;-), this was taken between Thames TV and the National.


Blogger Jazzy said ... (15:11) : 

What a shame they want them moved, and you have a great place of work especially with live music.


Blogger Peter said ... (22:13) : 

Hey guys, don't loose heart altogether. I heard a story on the Today programme on BBC Radio 4 this morning about a piano that some students in Sheffield were unable to get into their digs and so left it on the pavement (sidewalk) for all to play. The breaking news on the radio today, and not yet on the Street Piano website, is that the council having threatened to remove it have now relented and are allowing it to stay on the pavement. Wonders will never cease!


Blogger Peter said ... (22:27) : 

Ah, re my post above on the piano I just found the link where you can listen to the article from the radio programme.


Blogger Paul said ... (23:49) : 

The best busker band I ever heard was a group of Peruvian flute and percussion players in one of the Underground (Metro) stations in Budapest. They had several different CDs for sale at a ridiculously low price, and I still listen to it today, some 10 years later.


Blogger Ham said ... (00:03) : 

Thanks, Pete, great piece!


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