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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Tom Cards

When I posted pictures of phone boxes two days ago, Eric wanted to know what they had to do with swingers. Open up any box in London and you fnd these prostitues adverts - "Tom Cards". As fast as they get taken down, new ones go back up.

I used to wonder how the ... service staff? ... managed their own safety. One day, a strange tourist aksed me to call one of the numbers and help him arrange .... a massage. In the spirit of adventure, I did so, and had a chat with the girl on the other end. Seems that this bloke had phoned before, becaue they didn't like the sound of him they turned him down.

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Blogger Ryan of OC Photos said ... (05:45) : 

You are always so informative... and apparently helpful to strangers as well!


Blogger Lisi said ... (11:35) : 

interesting story Ham, I bet if I were asked to make the call I would do so, that would be quite an adventure ;-)


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12:02) : 

I remember when all the tom cards were hand written . . .

The question is, all the photos of the girls on the cards look very attarctive, but is there any resemblance when the girl turns up for the massage ???

I remember an advert in a newsagents window that went something like :-

TV, pre op, own wardrobe, willing to travel, easy rates, very accomadating....

One girl I was with thiught is was a flat foor a travelling salesman ...


Blogger Ham said ... (12:26) : 

We try to be of service ;-)

Anon- LOL - it's another, rather murky, world.....

For a while BT tried to combat the proliferation of the cards by enacting a rule that allowed them to cut off phones for the numbers advertised. Unfortunately, then along came the mobile phone....


Blogger Ham said ... (12:31) : 

Oh yeah - I forgot to share my top moneymaking idea. These cards are all fixed up with blu-tack.

There is an opening for someone who goes round, takes the cards collecting the blu-tack for re-sale. The carders are happy - they just thnk the cleaners removed them, as per normal. BT are happy, fewer cards to remove. You are happy, unlimited supply of blu tack for sale. a true win-win-win situation.


Blogger julia said ... (12:36) : 

You know, it's not always the BT workers who remove them. My job brought me to a very run down house, where I found one of the bedroom decorated with Tom Cards - I don't think the guys living there could afford proper porn.


Anonymous anne said ... (12:51) : 

Hmm I didn't know you can be very helpful Ham! hehehe :)


Blogger Carmen said ... (13:23) : 

Today I've learned two new things:
- What's a Tom Card.
- How to get free blue tack when in London.

This blog is really a public service, Ham. They don't teach you these things at the British Council :)


Blogger Chris said ... (15:24) : 

Ha ha, very good !

Eric, i promise we didn' t plan that one :-)


Blogger edwin s said ... (16:15) : 

hmm...quite an 'empty' booth. sometimes it's filled to the edges of the booth right Ham?


Blogger Peter said ... (00:34) : 

Ham, You're going to have to put a "Not Safe for Work" notice on here soon! ;-)


Blogger Jenny said ... (00:35) : 

Another photoblogger adventure -- we are like reporters, always gathering information to make our blogs better!


Blogger lynn said ... (19:35) : 

so THAT was why you decided to call Ham? yeah.. yeah.. lol


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