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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Multicultural London, No 1 in a series

I'd like to start a short series to celebrate the multicultural nature of London; there are few areas more diverse than the one I live in.

To start, here is one of my favourite restaurants, Chennai Dosa in East Ham (really, that's what it's called). This is possibly one of the most authentic Indian restaurants you will eat at. Don't expect tastelss salty curries, instead your tastebuds will be assaulted by an explosion of spice and flavour. Check out this page of customer comments if you think I'm exaggerating. It helps that you can fill your face for less than £5. My recommendations? Their chilli iddly and a special dosa.

This gent was knew why he was there, but was less sure why I wanted to take a photo.

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Comments on "Multicultural London, No 1 in a series"


Blogger Edulabbe said ... (03:32) : 

Multicultural London is an interesting subject. Although I think you'll have to tell people why you want to take their pictures. Otherwise, someone will look at you with a worse smile than this guy... LOL.
I recently discovered your blog and I really liked your pictures. I think I'll become a regular.
I've never tried indian food. Must be great though.


Blogger Andreea said ... (06:57) : 

i like this idea a lot. looking forward to more multiculture from london


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:36) : 

No, that man's not looking too pleased with you. Interesting topic, though.


Blogger Chris said ... (11:48) : 

God, it's 12h30, and i can't resist, but no good Indian food here, or horribly expensive... Grrrrr.

Please, eat something for me next time you go there :)

BTW : that series idea is great. For all who lives in a capital, you should do the same...


Blogger Toulouse Photo Day said ... (13:18) : 

You had a problem with him after to have taken the photograph??
He doesn't seem to agree!


Blogger kaa said ... (13:25) : 

i like indian food. the dish here looks goods.. he's having rice and side dishes with pappdams?


Blogger Ham said ... (20:05) : 

Look, I asked him, OK? I can't promise you that he understood me, mind.

He's easting their buffet (slightly dffernt from their thali for some obscure reason), served with pappadom. Cost is about $4.50 (=$6)

I was hoping to take a picure of one of their six-foot Dosa, but they weren't cooking one at the time.


Blogger Kate said ... (20:07) : 

This is my third attempt to post on your blog today, either my server or blogger.

I applaud your diversity series and look forward to it. I love to travel and these blogs allow me to travel vicariously. The food is authentic from the looks of it and your description. I love the expression on the man's face.


Blogger Paul said ... (19:11) : 

My favorite Indian restaurant in London is Palms of Goa on Charlotte Street, although it's a bit more upscale than this place; based upon your photo, anyway. I LOVE Indian food, but nearly all the places here in Denver are crap. It's a great town for Mexican food, though.


Blogger Jazzy said ... (21:18) : 

Haha. Happy chap =)


Blogger Rauf said ... (00:37) : 

He doesn't look too happy, he is having south Indian meal. Good capture


Blogger Meg Nakagawa said ... (05:11) : 

Great theme and a great photo, but has the man a turban or some such under his hat, or is he a Conehead who thinks you're from MIB?


Blogger ems said ... (09:25) : 

I absolutely love this photo - the guy looks so unimpressed, a little suspicious and quite clearly thinks you're mad.

I have been in here a few times - the food is great!


Blogger lynn said ... (19:46) : 

Hilarious. What the f do YOU want? he seems to be saying in his head. Lovely.


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