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Monday, August 14, 2006

Odd Street Names

There are a lot of odd street names in London, I'd like to nominate this for the strangest. Cannon. Street. Road. Nowhere near Cannon Street. Yes I know we've got an Avenue Road, not quite the same. Any other worldwide Stree Road Avenues?

I'm back but not yet compos mentis. Cach up later.

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Comments on "Odd Street Names"


Blogger scouter573 said ... (06:29) : 

See Olive Street Road near St. Louis, MO (USA). Google Maps lists it here.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (08:32) : 

its the time travel that disorientates you so badly. You seen to have lost Monday altogether. Maybe that machine of yours needs tweeking.


Blogger Ham said ... (14:00) : 

Scouter, yep, that's in the collection (although disappointingly close to Olive Blvd=Street)


Dur. Changed.


Blogger Paul said ... (15:15) : 

There's a West Street East (and ...West) in Flagstaff, Arizona. I can see someone giving the unsuspecting traveler these directions, "Well, take West Street East west, then turn left..."


Blogger OutHouse Capital of Canada said ... (05:32) : 


we have a YellowBrick Road here where I live in British Columbia, a long way from Kansas and what was that movie? I will post a picture in my blog



Blogger Kim said ... (18:52) : 

Besides the information about the road sign being very interesting, the composition of the photo is very well done!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (05:23) : 

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